Renovating Your Mind Says, “Move That Bod, Because Your DNA Will Be Fighting Back On Your Successful Journey Into The RJK Plan”


Sun In Happy Mode Making A Great Day

Don’t worry be happy. It’s only your system going into survival mode.

With any significant weight loss, your body senses a serious problem and starts initiating an energy efficiency program. It thinks you are experiencing starvation! Sound the metabolic horns to slow the engines!!!

Organism survival is etched into our genes from the past 200,000 years. We are living proof of our ancestors making it though a multitude of famines

The body sloooooooows down the way it uses energy when you cut back on food intake. So the important internal stuff like heart beating, lungs breathing, kidneys filtering, etc. all require a set number of daily calories to work their magic. This is called your (Metabolic Rate) MR. Just as an example, you may normally need 1,000 calories to fuel all these processes. When you lose weight, the body accommodates by lowering MR, to let’s say 700 calories. It is trying to economize all systems to keep your weight the same. This is one of the reasons why the scale number might seem stuck on the same number for days. Frustrating yes, but understanding why, empowers you to push forward with your RJK (Rejuvenating Journey Kutchstarter) Plan. Look for Geoffrey đŸ™‚ to start your lifestyle renovation and click hard on the link below:

 Renovating Your Mind’s RJK Plan

The more weight you lose, the more the body will slow MR to try to maintain that weight. How can you overcome your system’s survival mode?


Exercise Throwing MR Up High

It’s all about including exercise in the plan. A successful body renovation program always includes some kind of activity. This forces up the MR number. You are then burning off more calories. The most popular exercise is walking. It is both easy and inexpensive. Just the cost of a good pair of sneakers or walking shoes and off you go out into the world.


Visual Difference Is Astonishing

When you see the number on the scale go down, it’s not all about fat loss. There is an exchange program going on in your body. You are trading fat for lean muscle mass. The new tissue replacement not only burns off more calories than fat, but it does so even at rest. So a tone muscle at rest is a lean, mean burning machine.

So here we fool the body into kicking up the MR, just by adding exercise. You increase the amount of calories you burn and hence “that weight number thing” starts dropping. Oh yeah, don’t stop! Keep making it drop. Oh yeah. Oh yeah!!


Can You Imagine The Implications For Modern Man

Thank you Lord Jim on Flickr for this disturbing illustration of McNeanderthal’s broncosaurus burgers.

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