Breakfast Reduces Chances For Junk Food Eating Frenzy



Renovating Your Mind knows how easy it is to rationalize eating any kind of junk in the morning. Why? Because we are freaking starving on our journey to our job. Many of us only have a cup of coffee or tea at home. On the way to work, we grab a greasy egg with cheese on some type of bread. Or we may pick up these crazy guys:

donuts-that-each-have a -personality

In The Box Too Long, Greasy Circles Develop Their Own Twisted Personalities

Thank you for this junk food perversion.

Have many times have you come into work and someone just happens to bring in 14 dozen donuts? They are slathered with toppings and filled with all kinds of creamy goodness. Your stomach is growling but you are so disciplined that you say to yourself, “I just better go to the cafe down the street and grab a bowl of oatmeal.” No, you pick out one of the circle jerks above thinking, well its only one. Later on, realizing that you really should sample the jelly filled variety, you throw a second one down your gullet. That oatmeal image in your head has completely vaporized when you bite into that final fourth doughnut. This is the scenario that plays out when you come to work famished. It could have all been eliminated by having a great breakfast.

I know the score because I have been there myself. When your hungry, it is so much easier to grab what is right in front of you. It could a vending machine offering or some pastries for the office meeting that reach out, grabbing your hands for companionship. Your stomach is screaming to your brain, “I’m empty, I need to be filled!” Your only thoughts are to make your stomach happy.

Individuals that don’t eat breakfast are 400% more likely to pile on the pounds.

Maybe you don’t feel like eating in the morning. Then at least have something small to initiate breaking out of your routine of only a hot beverage.

Here are my suggestions to start off your day. I hope one or more of these morning offerings is enough to start turning you onto a great breakfast.


I Dare You To Take My Younger Brother!


They are not the nutritional hoodlums there were made out to be during the “dark days” of the incredible egg.  Cholesterol in the egg does not raise the cholesterol in your body. It’s broken down in your stomach. They are high in protein and low in calories and carbohydrates.

Add some vegetables like mushrooms, peppers, spinach, etc. and you have a satisfying, nutritious meal. You want cheese? Shred just a bit and sprinkle it on two minutes before the omelet comes off the heat. Have it with a slice of whole grain toast, orange and kiwi slices.



These high fiber morsels keep you feeling fuller longer than other cereals. It’s loaded with chromium which normalizes blood sugar. Purchase the steel-cut type (McCann’s Irish Oatmeal or Bob’s Red Mill) because it’s worth the taste. Soak the cereal in water overnight in the frig. This cuts down on the cooking time. An alternative would be prepackaged plain oatmeal that you can easily microwave. Add cinnamon, any type of berries, walnuts, dried fruits and either skim or almond milk. If you want to use a sugar substitute, go for the safest which is sucralose (Splenda). If you prefer not to use an artificial sweetener, then think about honey or pure maple syrup. Start soaking.




Pronounced keen-wah, this seed makes a great breakfast meal. It has a crunchy, nutty flavor. Quinoa is very high in protein, minerals and vitamins. For those intolerant gluteners, this product is not a grain so it doesn’t contain gluten. Cooking time is only 15 minutes. Stir in some cinnamon and a sweetener. Serve it with fresh berries. Like oatmeal, you can also add nuts and dried fruits. Watch for the little spirals that come off on each seed. Looks like it sprouting off galaxies. Pretty cool!



Greek Yogurt:

Ancestors of Socrates have pioneered their own yogurt. Draining off the liquid whey results in a product with a thick hearty ice cream consistency. This is why it has double the protein of the regular type. Yogurt is known for its beneficial bacteria, vitamin D, phosphorous and calcium. In fact, eight ounces of Greek yogurt gives you about 30% of your daily calcium requirements. I recommend buying the plain species and doctoring it up for your particular taste. Any dried fruits, nuts, cut fresh fruits (berries, banana, kiwi, etc.), cinnamon and  if desired a sweetener would be an excellent addition to this breakfast champion.

You can bring all the above offering(s) to work to make your dietary morning standout. These nutritional changes will help you lose weight, consume quality foods and save money in the process. Spread the word kids!

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