Stepping Your Way Into More Exercise-Just Keep Renovating Your Mind While Moving Your Butt!


Practicing Work Presentation During Commute

So you think that you exercise enough huh. We as a society have been getting more and more sedentary in our ways around town. We are in our vehicles for longer periods because work driving times are getting longer. We sit forever in our desk chair.


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Many employees devour lunch while working and continuing to occupy that same chair. Some employees never leave the sitting position for the entire workday. There are elevators that we use without thinking instead of going up those steps. We fight to find a parking spot close by to decrease our walk to the front door. The point of exhaustion runs its course from getting up early, to the long commute and finally the overwhelming eight-hour plus day that causes collapse when you hit home sweet home. So with that scenario, and many even working second and third jobs, how can we possible fit in exercise?


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Start with most inexpensive way, which is with the purchase of a pedometer. This devices attaches to your hip and counts your steps. Normally 2,000 steps equals one mile. A flight of stairs is equivalent to about 40 steps. The newest digital devices have what’s known as an accelerometer which more accurately tracks your steps than a pedometer. It will convert these steps into calories burned during the activity. There are wireless accelerometers available that can hook up to your devices and plot your daily progress. This way you can actually compete online with other family members or friends.

Renovating Your Mind recommends you consult with human resources to see if they can start an incentive contest between fellow associates. It juices everybody up to get in better shape with the competition and the dangling carrots (prizes). This way you could get a free pedometer or accelerometer, get in shape at work and maybe win a prize or two.


Great Way To Air Out Or Exercise!

It gives the company a healthier employee that is usually a happier one as well.

Just make sure that everyone is on an even playing field. If there are other jobs within your company that require a lot of walking make sure that is taken that into account. You want an average numerical handicap for other employees whose duties don’t require as much activity. So the first week should be a sampler where you can calculate the spread in points between the employees. You than level the playing field with associates either gaining or losing points as their personal handicap gets summed from the day’s final total steps or calories.

There was a study done in the journal Circulation in Jan. 2010, that showed the more hours of TV people watched, the higher the mortality rate from heart disease. The study observed 8,800 people over six years. Every hour a day in front of the screen increased heart disease by almost 20%, that of all risk of deaths by 11% and risk of cancer by 9%. It was not the TV itself, although the stuff on the tube at times is brain numbing but it was the inactivity factor. Sitting for a long periods of time has a negative effect on blood fats and sugar.  Also, include TV trance which fosters consumption of an abundance of snacks without even realizing how much you actually put into your stomach. The average TV watching is four hours per day in the U.S. and 3 hours per day in the U.K. and Australia. It’s all about the negative effects of sitting on your backside.

An average American gets about 5,000 steps into their waking day. Research for a healthy lifestyle shows we need at least 10,000 steps a day. Low amounts of steps per day has been linked with obesity in states throughout our country. The device itself is the push that has increased activity in individuals by 25% or more lowering weight and blood pressure.

I think many of us are numb to the thought of what we are actually doing during our day. The pedometer is Renovating Your Mind to come to the realization that you don’t exercise enough. For many, that is a simple way to just kick up the activity level and move that body.


On the Hip, For At Least A 10,000 Step Trip

Get started with this device now! When you watch cable, get up and move during those stupid commercials. Use the stairs whenever you can to up your number count. Park away from any entrance. Walk a short distance to the store, post office, library, etc whenever you can instead of using a vehicle. Drive that pedometer number up high. I will be proud of you. And you, will not only be proud of your accomplishments but will feel better mentally and physically because of your exercise efforts.


Think Hard Bounces Will Advance Pedometer?

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