Renovating Your Mind To Our Reality Being Just A Holographic World

To try to wrap your mind into some theoretical physics takes a lot of abstract thinking about what’s really going on out there in the netherworld. Think of the Star Trek Next Generation’s Holodeck and how everything the crew saw, smelled, touched and tasted was just an illusion. A damn good 360 degree system that made reality from a machine’s database.

If you’re not too familiar with Star Trek, then take a look at your credit or debit card. There, somewhere on the card, is probably a holographic image. It looks 3-dimensional but the reality is just this flat 2-dimension card that projects this virtual illusion of 3-dimension to your eyes.

Lets think about a couple of interesting examples of how sight perception deceives us. We look at a newspaper photo and see the image. Now get a magnifying glass and really look at the picture again. It is composed of little dots. The same goes for our TV screens. In this case, they are composed of pixels (picture element) rather than dots. What about your view of the ocean from an airplane thousands of feet above where the water looks like smooth colored glass. Come in close enough and see that the water is turbulent and filled with crests and troughs of waves. It’s not smooth. In fact, it’s very choppy, but you have to come in close to see the “true” details.

Real World Reality 2013

There is an experiment that will take place in 2014 to gauge if will are living in a hologram. Scientists at Fermilab in Illinois will use a device know as a Holometer. This journey into the “twilight zone” will measure the “smoothness” of what we see and perceive as our reality.

If we can break particles up and get down to a level much smaller than the atom, things may become a little simper than in “our current world”.  The experiment splits a beam of laser light into two beams (A and B). Beam A travels in one direction and Beam B is forced to travel in a different direction. With the use of mirrors, they are ultimately reflected back together into one beam again.

If the combined light beams are of a consistent (constant) intensity, then what was witnessed was a three-dimensional space way down in sub-atom land. On the other hand, if it came back as a fluctuating intensity (graininess) what may have been witnessed was a two-dimensional space in the intricate makeup of what goes on way down deep inside the atom’s particles. This means that something is taking a flat two-dimensional world and concocting around that world of atoms and molecules a three-dimensional world we perceive as reality. Meaning our reality is an illusion being designed for unknown reasons from the sub-atomic level.

Plato, Greek mathematician


Wiser The Man, The Longer The Beard

These ideas of a holographic world go all the way back to Plato, the Greek mathematician and philosopher born in 428 BC. The terminology was of course different, but he had similar ideas of humanity living in a simulated environment.


Looks Like 3-D Glasses At The Movies!!

In the science fiction film, The Matrix, Neo (the hero) has to make a decision whether to take a blue or red pill. If he decided on the bill pill nothing would change in his life. If he took the red pill he would leave the virtual reality he thought was the real world and voyage into true reality.

To make this even crazier than it sounds, human interaction in this experiment could change the results. We are composed of electrical energy brought about by the breakdown of foods to yield electrons. So just our very being and our ability to watch these processes going on in the lab will influence the results. So if the results show a possible holographic Earth did we influence this conclusion just by the presence of our physical senses at the site of the experiment? Our future reality may turn out to be even stranger than science fiction could have even predicted.

I have enclosed a PDF of a paper published in 2010 in Quantum Biosystems by Brian Whitworth. It speaks about the real world and virtual reality world being possibly intertwined. Fascinating material to think about.

The Emergence Of The Physical World From Information Processing PDF:

Click to access 0801.0337.pdf

Maybe Humpty Dumpty can really be put back together again AF (After Fall).

Humpty Dumpty

Pre-Cracked Head, Humpty BF (Before Fall)

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