Renovating Your Mind Finds Out Why Grape And Apple Juice Are Contaminated With Lead And Arsenic

I wrote previously about the contamination of rice with arsenic in


1910 Early Americans On The Farm

We are all paying for what insults farming has done in the past throughout our country. Since 1910, both industrial and small farmers have been using lead-arsenic based insecticides. They were banned in the 1980’s. That contamination was added to the natural arsenic that was already in our groundwater in various parts of country. Groundwater is utilized for irrigating the crop fields. In addition, until the early 2000’s, pressure-treated lumber was preserved with, you guessed it arsenic. Where do you think that arsenic landed when that old lumber later became mulch? It was unknowingly purchased for our yards. It went into our organic gardens and also contaminated local aquifers during rain runoff. Pressure-treated lumber were banned in 2004. We also burn coal for power plants which releases even more arsenic into our environment.


Arsenic/Lead Supplements

A great deal of apple juice has been being imported from other countries, especially China because it’s very inexpensive. China’s water are loaded with arsenic. It is difficult enough for the FDA to monitor U.S. juices. It is overwhelmed and underfunded by our government. So the imported juices get through and sold at our supermarkets.

FDA site link below shows arsenic content in apple juice.

There are no FDA limits for arsenic or lead in apple or grape juice. The FDA standards in water for arsenic or lead is 5 ppb (5/1,000,000,000 that 5 parts per billion). Inorganic arsenic is the form that causes serious toxicities to the body. It is a known carcinogen of the skin, bladder and lung. It also wrecks havoc with immune system, blood vessels, the heart and pancreas. In addition, it has been shown to accelerate diabetic disease.

Now, organic arsenic has also been implicated as possibly causing health concerns. The problem with organic arsenic is that the soil and chickens turn organic into the toxic inorganic arsenic.

The question is how can we protect ourselves from both arsenic and lead poisoning from juices? Much of the juice produced is consumed by children who are of even great risk than adults because of their immature systems.

Renovating Your Mind’s Points To Reduce Risk

  1. Test your water for arsenic and lead. If you are on a public waterworks system check out their latest statistics for water online.
  2. Please limit consumption of fruit juice. Cut up and package whole fruits which eliminate that risk. Infants less than 6 months should not consume juices.
  3. If you have a home, consider a water treatment system.
  4. Get tested if you feel you may have ingested large quantities over either apple or grape juices over a long period of time. You can have both your child and yourself tested for arsenic by your physician.

Purchase organic poultry. It would lower your risk of arsenic contamination in the chicken.

The federal government needs to set a standard for both arsenic and lead in food and juices. They sent a letter to the Juice Industry requesting data in Feb. 2012 with no response posted. The web site appears below:

Its like asking the coyotes to keep tabs on the chicken population. You think they may under report the numbers? What a joke!


Roosters Ordered Condos But Were Booted Into One College Dorm Room


Arsenic is currently in chicken feed that end up contaminating our poultry. In addition, chicken droppings contaminate the soil with arsenic which again ends up into the water system. Buy organic chicken reasonably priced at Costco. This drastically  lowers your chance of getting arsenic in your poultry.

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