Are You Worth Your Weight In Salt??


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The Romans valued salt as much as gold. The word salary come from the Romans. Actually, Romans were not paid in salt but in coins. Those pre-Italian conquerors coined the word, salad, for salting their vegetables. Salt was not only used for flavoring but as a preservative. Since no refrigeration, food had to be salted about 4 times as much as the food of today. Can you imagine how much beer you would need after eating pretzels being sold at the Colosseum?

The French Revolution was primarily fought because of a tariff on salt. Prisons were overfilled with individuals caught illegally selling salt without paying tax to the government. Louie XVI ending up losing his head over the taxation without representation issue.


Lincoln’s Loud Banging In His Ears May Have Been Due To Excess Salt Intake šŸ™‚

During the Civil War, the Yankees prevented the storage and transportation of salt by the Confederates. They continually kept destroying their storage depots. Salt was necessary for treating the wounded, in addition to preventing food spoilage. Salt acts to kill bacteria by drying out their cells. In food, the salt acts as a preservative. By not allowing bacteria multiplication, the food stays fresh. As a result of the embargo of salt, many Confederates died from blood poisoning and starvation.


“This Wasn’t Predicted, Hopefully Just A Passing Asteroid Storm”

(Famous Last Words, Circa 65 Million Years Ago)

Salt is so dirt cheap because of US oil discoveries tn the early 1900’s. Millions of years ago, when prehistoric creatures perished, their remains lie at the bottom of the sea. As time passed, dissolved salts in the water would penetrate the ocean floor, go into the ground, and push down on the dinosaur corpses. Millions of years later, with continuous pressure from salt mines, these enormous creatures turned into “liquid gold” (oil deposits).

When companies started drilling for oil, they usually found underground salt mines above the oil fields. Salt become so easy to find, that increased supply decreased the price to pennies a pound. Most of US salt comes from underground salt mines and not from drying water-beds.

Fast forward to 2013 and the goal of lowering sodium intake in the United States.

The Major Foods With High Sodium Are:

1. Salad Dressings – 2 tablespoons range from 250-500 mg

2. Lunch And Cured Meats (Deli)-over 1,000 mg per serving

3. Condiments-1 tablespoonful range from 100-200 mg

4. Bread And Rolls-could range from 100-250 mg per slice

5. Pizza-depending on the slice size, could be 800 mg

6. Soup-from 750-1,000 mg, unless low sodium

7. Deli Sandwiches (meat, cheese, bread and condiment)-up to 1,500 mg

8. Chicken-doctored-up with a salt solution to enhance flavor, -up to 1,200 mg-6 oz

For sodium intake, if you are healthy, the upper safe limit is 2,300 mg per day.

Over 3/4 of our daily sodium is from fast and convenience foods.

Sodium is believed to be the primary reason for high blood pressure.

Keep your arteries younger by maintaining a lower sodium intake. In addition, add more potassium to your diet by increasing fruits and vegetables. Get a great juicer to make this more convenient.

One more thing,


It Pours…

Morton’s Salt became so popular because at the time salt didn’t pour freely. Morton added an anti-caking ingredient(s) to the salt. So the saying, the salt will still pour even if there is moisture in the air. They also added supplemental iodine to their salt to prevent a deficiency that causes a goiter. It’s a growth visible on the neck.

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