Good News From All Over The World, Including Our United Of States


Different Colors Each Give A Different Protective Pathway To Prevent Disease

1. I am so proud of everyone. Fresh fruit is the number one snack in the US. The three most popular fruits are apples, oranges and bananas, in that order. By the way, the most popular fruit in the world is the mango.

Abundant positive studies showing fruits have a powerful assortment of phytochemicals (antioxidants) that prevent many chronic diseases. The more different colors of fruits in your daily diet, the better the protection.


They Have The Stones To Prove It!

2. From the US, we jet off on a tangent to locksmiths in Spain. Spain currently has an unemployment rate of 26% and going higher this year. Last year, they had  a loss of 800,000 jobs. The same sub-prime mortgage fiasco that happened in the US is now happening in Spain. The problem was caused by the banks, investment companies and politics. So the banks wanted the locksmiths to change locks on the homes putting more people out on the streets. Locksmiths got together and said NO. We are not changing their locks. Locksmiths have a lot of guts to be one of society’s professions to do the right thing. Good for them and the people.


Times Are A Changing In Saudi Land

3. Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah granted women a seat on the advisory council for the first time in their Saudi history. Soon, they also will be allowed to vote. In this country, women are not allowed to study abroad, work, and travel. To even go to a hospital or get married they need permission from a male. So this dramatic event is like a small leap for a woman, a giant leap for womankind. I applaud this positive change.

Working Together Creates Such Beautiful Music


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  1. Good job! Keep spreading the good news!!! 🙂


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