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Clues to high sources of lycopene, are any produce that is red or pink in color. Think tomato, watermelon, guava, pink grapefruit, red peppers and papaya, where the ripest produce yields the highest amounts of lycopene.

Lycopene (anti-oxidant) is better absorbed by the body after heating and cooking with oil (prefer pure virgin olive oil). Tomatoes have cell walls that are broken down with cooking releasing the anti-oxidant. Since lycopene is fat-soluble, cooking in an oil also boosts the amount available for the body to an even higher level.

Remember, R-O-C, for the highest levels of lycopene.


OIL-lycopene-fat soluble

COOK-breaks up the cells setting free the anti-oxidants

Recently, a study from Finland showed in the journal Neurology that tomato lowers the risk of all types of stroke in men by 55%. Stroke is caused by decades of inflammatory destruction to the blood vessels. This occurs all over the body. In this particular dreaded event, it manifests in the head. What lycopene does, is prevent or lower the progression of cumulative damage. It neutralizes the destructive radicals that lead to blood clots and infestation of cholesterol.

From Highest To Lowest Amounts Of Lycopene

Tomato Puree

Tomato Juice

Marinara Sauce

Tomato Paste

Raw Tomato, Cubed

Tomato Salsa

Sun-dried Tomato

Raw Tomato, Slice

Cherry Tomato

If you have any family recipes for marinara sauce, please share them with myself and our readers.

Thank you.

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