Experimental Drugs Boosting HDL Don’t Work.


The Bad, The Good and The DrUgly (Drugs That Don’t Work)

Blast to the past in my blog from Dec 21, entitled: CHOLESTEROL: DIE WITHOUT ENOUGH OR DIE WITH TOO MUCH? CONFUSING?

The article was concerning the fact HDL is the good cholesterol and its alter ego, LDL, is the bad cholesterol. If you raise the level of the good cholesterol, the risk of heart attack and stroke should go down. Why?  HDL scours out the walls of blood vessels. Next, bad cholesterol is jettisoned out of harms way to the liver for recycling. HDL is a protective cholesterol. We found HDL levels increase naturally, by changing our lifestyle dietary practices.


 Caution Taking Any New Medication(s)!

So man in all his wisdom, developed drugs to artificially increase levels of HDL. Pharmaceutical companies spent years and billions of dollars to come up with complete failures regarding this new angle on drug therapy.

The drugs worked, but only in boosting the good cholesterol test numbers by 33%. Results in death and disability with the drug(s) showed that a sugar pill (placebo) was safer and killed fewer patients. When HDL is artificially pumped up with medication, it didn’t work to decrease risk. Why would this happen?

1. Medically elevated HDL may be completely different from naturally increased HDL.

2. A higher HDL value may be a result and not a cause of a better outcome.

3. We don’t know enough about the different types of HDL.

4. Answers 1-3 are theories but I am still looking for more answers. I will keep myself and you posted on future research.


Fight Or Flight Syndrome

Changes In Your Life That Can Do Wonders To Increase HDL Naturally, Lowering Risk Of Heart Disease And Stroke:

Avoid Simple Carbohydrates-may increase HDL by up to 20%

Drink Moderate Alcohol (unless overriding factors are present)-daily for more consistent results

Eat Fish (fatty fish high in omega-3 fatty acids)

Exercise (better with a friend or a loved one)-average of 30 minutes daily can boost HDL by 8-10%

Healthy Diet-meat from the sea, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and whole grains

Kick smoking out of your life

If Any Oil, Then Use Pure Virgin Olive Oil

Loose Pounds (obesity linked to low HDL)-even as little as 2 pounds causes rise in HDL

Stop Consuming Or Lower Trans Fatty Acids


Catopatra, After A Little Too Much Catnip, Testing Whether Limes Lower Cranial Cholesterol Levels

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