Renovating Your Mind Reveals If Consumption of Wheat Products Is A Possible Factor In America’s Weight And Diabetes Problem


Renovating Your Mind has received some fascinating feedback over the years from patients in regards to losing weight. When individuals cut out wheat-based carbohydrates they took off significant poundage. In addition, their body shaped changed. Most predominate was the waist area, which shrunk substantially.

Some successful weight loss programs featured ways to eliminate foods that contained gluten. These are breads, pasta, couscous, spelt, semolina, graham, most deserts (cakes, pies, pastries, etc.), beer, gravy, sauces, dressing and crackers. When patients took these foods permanently off their diet, they kept the weight off. This proved especially important to the diabetic patients.


My experience with diabetes was interning with an endocrinologist. In addition, I had the benefit of being taught by an R.N. (Registered Nurse) who was also a C.D.E (Certified Diabetic Educator). In both of their practices, patients following raw food diets improved significantly and sometimes lost their diabetes. They not only took off the weight, but significantly reduced girth. Raw food is fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans. Included was also products made from non-gluten grains.

Gluten is found in anything made with wheat, rye and barley. Gluten meaning glue. This is the protein material that holds baked products together making them taste great. There are 4 major problems with gluten.


1. Some individuals have celiac disease. This disease causes the small intestine to be attacked by the immune system. The body turns gluten into a foreign protein that it then must destroy. Patients end up with a possible life-threatening situation. Also, significant amounts of weight are lost. Those with celiac disease must consume a total non-gluten meal plan.

2. Others encounter a non-gluten sensitivity where problems occur with other proteins in wheat aside from gluten. Everyone has a different threshold for how much non-gluten protein they can tolerate before having symptoms. It would be best if they try to avoid all wheat protein for the best quality of life. This sensitivity is not as severe as celiac disease.

3. There is another problem having to do with a wheat sensitivity. This difficulty with digesting has nothing do with gluten or non-gluten sensitivity. It is a problem with being able to deal with wheat itself. These patients are better off staying away from all wheat products.

4. One last difficulty with wheat products and how wheat gets broken down into sugar. Wheat causes increasing sugar levels in the body. Eventually this process results in weight gain and encourages the production of defective insulin. In addition, insulin is no longer recognized by the cells. This results in even more weight gain, higher insulin levels and high amounts of sugar floating outside the cells. Ultimately, the patient gains too much weight and becomes diabetic.

If you decide on dropping wheat products, I must caution you. The body will go through a detox period of 5-7 days. You may experience rashes, headache and just feeling plain weird. Reason being is that wheat triggers endorphin-like reactions in the body. Endorphins are similar to the opiate morphine. This drug not only causes pain relief but also euphoria. This is why you feel good when you consume wheat products.

Once you get past the maximum 7 toxic days, your body will start to feel completely different. If you add in exercise, the weight will come off even faster. If you are on any medications or have any medical problems, please consult your health care professional before trying to eliminate these types of food.

Going to try this myself. Will keep you posted on personal changes that result from eliminating all wheat from my diet.

A great book on the subject of getting rid of wheat from your diet is called Wheat Belly by William Davis MD. wheat-belly-book-b-william-davis-mdEnclosed is a link to Amazon for a peek at the menu changeover plan by Mr. Davis.

Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health

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