Renovating Your Mind Sniffs Up Problems With Household Chemicals On The Market


We take for granted that what items we buy are safe for us to use. Stores assume (ass out of you and me) that their venders are selling them products that can’t harm humans or pets, right? No! How is it that manufacturers of household products are allowed to sell toxic products to consumers?

  • 80% of the various brands purchased for use in and around the house have never been tested for safety.
  • Most of the accidental poisoning in the home involves household chemicals and children.
  • Either mom or Mr. mom have a much greater incidence of cancer. Risk of cancer exceeds 50% if you stay in your house all day. This has been attributed to toxic in-door pollution from household chemicals.
  • There are at least to 200 different unsafe household products that will produce mental disorders, cancer, allergies and birth defects after long-term exposure.

In regards to pesticide use, humans can suffer severe skin disorders, various types of body pains, migraine headaches and lung disease as a result of exposure. This depends on individualized threshold of sensitivity, dose of the chemical(s) and length of contact with the toxic chemical(s).

dryer-sheets-are-toxic-to-your-health (Nuclear - Biological - Chemical)

There was a study done by the Silent Spring Initiative written up in Environmental Health Perspectives, Mar. 2012. They found disturbing effects of common chemicals making up perfumes, dryer sheets, suntan lotions and air fresheners. Toxic effects disrupted human hormones and also led to asthma. Many of these chemicals were not listed on the labeling of the product. This should be against the law. Unfortunately, as you already know, corporate America goes by a different set of legal standards than citizens of the U.S. And yes, they are always innocent until proven guilty by an outside source.

So, let the buyer of household products in America be very aware of the dangers. The government will not protect you and neither will corporate America from these noxious chemicals.

toxicity-lurks-all-over-in-the home

We have a toxic cheat sheet for you. Here is an extensive listing of household chemicals with the resulting health effects:

Household Products Database

Take a look at what you have around the home and evaluate its benefits with possible harmful risks. Get rid of the toxic garbage you may have inadvertently purchased but didn’t know its harmful effects.

Found a priceless site that gives alternate safer products for use in or around the home. Please check it out:

Alternates To Commercial Household Products. KMA Corporate America!

toxic-chemicals-stay-awayLower your risk for these disease side effects by ending your exposure of toxic household chemicals. We pay for these products in more ways than one.

For a non-toxic fabric softener:

1 gallon of white vinegar

10 drops of peppermint essential oil

Combine in a thick plastic container. Add 1 cup to the rinse cycle for each load. You will not smell the vinegar when the cycle is complete only the peppermint.

Where Is My Biohazard Suit?

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