Renovating Your Mind Dives For Tuna and Lobster And Sustainability, Oh My!


Bumble Bee Foods has started a program to encourage global tuna conservation. It will take to the seas in the fall of 2013 to include albacore and skipjack tuna. These products will all be certified to be high quality seafood. Canned varieties will include tuna packaged in salted water, in plain water and in olive oil. The company will donate thirteen cents per can to support WWF (World Wildlife Fund) with a minimum donation of one million dollars.

For more about sustainable seafood, below is an excellent site with 12 different languages available:

About Certified Sustainable Seafood From Marine Stewardship Council

WWF helps to protect marine life. The organization implements practices to sustain fish life worldwide. It also does research in global fisheries for healthier ways to breed the meat of the sea.

Their brand will be know as “Wild Selections“. Bumble Bee Foods is the first large-scale fish company to try this idea of better quality certified seafood. Hopefully,¬† Charlie and his friends from StarKist will also follow-up on these innovative ideas. There are other smaller companies that have beat Bumble Bee to the punch. Fortunately, the bigger fisherman and packers are seeing a benefit to making their customers healthier and happier.

Renovating Your Mind has its eyes on you Bumble Bee. We will be watching to keep you in check. No soy please.


Next up is my favorite, the lobster. The NLH (National Lobster Hatchery) in Maine is raising lobsters in tanks. They bring in pregnant lobsters to have them give birth in the hatchery. Once they have grown past the level of risk in the wild, they are set loose out at sea. They are let out in areas that have been depleted of lobsters by overfishing. Since 2000, they have released 50,000 lobsters out to various waters throughout the world. It takes about five years for full adult growth.

More information on the NLH can be found with the link below:

Check Out The Blue Lobster!


It’s All Natural, I Swear My Hairdresser Didn’t Do It!

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Photo credit: SEFSC Pascagoula Laboratory; Collection of Brandi Noble, NOAA/NMFS/SEFSC / / Public domain

Photo credit: Carrie8706 / / CC BY-NC

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