Optimal Nutrition Engages Your Genetic Potential Becoming Greater Than The Sum Of All Our Parts

successful-sperm-engages-penetrates-egg-while-fellow-sperms-watch the scene-from-afar

Sperm penetration of the egg initiates the spark of life producing a cell (zygote). This singularity multiplies into a carbon-based life form where at maturity is made up of 37,000,000,000,000 (37 trillion) cells. Each one of these compartmental entities must have minimum amounts of daily nutrients to continue functioning as part of the whole.


Each little circle is a self-contained factory of life. Microscopic workers, created from our diet, come together to create a constant miracle.  Everything we put into our mouth, draws the body further or closer to achieving nutritional nirvana.  Utilizing non-processed foods to empower your individualized genetic processes yields best chances for the healthiest body.

Our human system in coordination with whole foods create a synergistic environment. This is where embedding life together with quality nutrition gives a sum much higher than the total of its parts. An example is that 2+2 = 5. This is how the body works in an optimal situation when it has the proper pieces to ingest. That equation starts falling apart with processed products, fast foods and junk stuff.


Humans depend upon the DNA code written into each cell to determine how much of each component of food is necessary for optimum health.

The “Big Three” in the food world are carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Lists of other essential materials are water, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and various other substances needed together for growth, maintenance and repair.

There are also other substances, some yet to be discovered, in a family called phytochemicals. These are protective parts of plants that once ingested within whole foods allow us to outfit our cells with even more nutritional armor against disease.

High speed blenders enable us to provide the body with higher amounts of nutritional goodness per swallow. They pulverize even fruit and vegetable fiber into a liquid. One of the most highly rated brand names is VitaMix. The appliance is so strong it causes a vortex effect (like a tornado).


There are other brands of blenders on the market that are excellent, one being the Ninja. Renovating Your Mind prefers the VitaMix brand because of the long lifespan, powerful engine and superb customer service.

With these types of devices you are able to get more of the nutrients you need in addition to all the phytochemicals from foods. Juicing makes getting valuable produce down into your gut easier and better because you are also swallowing all the fiber with the liquified fruits and vegetables.

When you consume fiber in produce, sugar goes up slowly, therefore insulin don’t rise as quickly. This healthier scenario allows your energy levels to remain high. In comparison to carton juice from the supermarket, which increases glucose levels rapidly, triggering a spiking of insulin levels.

Always consume whole fruit rather than packaged juices from the market. If you don’t have a choice and only have supermarket juice, try not to drink more than 4 oz at one sitting.


If your system is coordinated with a variety of different foods, you increase chances of living a higher quality of life. Life holds no guarantees, but daily “good eats” allows another roll of the dice towards a healthier you. You get another chance every day to make a positive roll towards a better body.

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