Turn Down Government Volume. All We Get Out Of Washington Is Useless Noise.

Today, we need to place nutrition, diet and medications in the back seat.

RENOVATING-YOUR-MIND-back-burners-health-diet-nutrition-medication-refocuses-on-government-what-can-we-do-to right-its-path

What can we do to convince Washington, DC to make some positive changes in the United States. We have voted them in to help control our country. We did not elect them to control each and every one of us.

How can we start influencing the way they are driving us. We are going in the wrong direction, further away from recovery.

Renovating Your Mind has previously written about the how “great” the government says the economy is doing, especially for “Big Business.” The problem is that “greatness” never filtered down to the middle class citizens of the U.S. This is leading to the disappearance of the middle class previously authored in the link below:

Vaporization Of Middle Class America

We have allowed the Feds to become too enmeshed within our lives. They have accomplished much of this with lies (propaganda) and theft (unfair taxes).

“Big Brother” under the guise of thwarting terrorism can listen to everything we say including where we travel through GPS and other tracking devices. Where this is leading doesn’t bring Renovating Your Mind any pleasant thoughts for the future.

The Federal Government have gotten us into worthless life consuming battles with other countries. They have led to the deterioration of Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, etc. Now we have health care on the table. This is the next experiment in their lab of irresponsibility and wasteful monetary diversion.

Added to the health care fiasco is this government shutdown. These elected officials are there to resolve issues. With a background in law, they are professional negotiators. Why are they not doing their job? What is the reasoning for not meeting to stop this drama fest between the parties? Each and every one of them are responsible for this “situation”. We as taxpayers are funding a business that doesn’t work at all. It’s reminiscent of just another bad reality show. In this case, an expensive silly no-show.

Do what the Romans do!!

Roman Catholic cardinals get locked into a large conference room till they pick a new pope. Congress and Senate needs to be sequestered till a conclusion is reached for their mess. They can also work out increasing the erroneous National Debt ceiling, once again. The number is now heading for 17 trillion (17,000,000,000,000) dollars. In reality, it’s much higher.

We need to stand up and individually make a difference.

Take Our Country Back By:

  •  Voting out all incumbents.


If we don’t give them a second term, politicians won’t waste over 50% of “our time” trying to get re-elected. In addition, there is less time to be tainted by lobbyists and other framers of illegal activity.

Before an election, Google to make sure who is in office. Vote for the opposition in the voting booth. Think your making a difference by voting one party over the other? Things have changed since Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. Today both parties make useless noise to divert your attention. Their different points of view are no longer exist. They both have consistent philosophies based on greed and control.

  •  Making room for a viable third-party.

We need a third-party containing a group of free-thinking lynchpins to run against the “good old boys” Republican and Democratic Parties. Two parties have never given us enough choices. Politics has to change. What we have now is not working.


  • 3. Forcing Corporate America to put “responsibility” back in their dic tionaries.

All responsible “Individuals” in corporations are to be held for illegal activity. They must be tried like any U.S citizen and put into jail if found guilty. Currently the federal government goes after only the corporate name. If they are found guilty, they pay with millions of dollars in fines. What do these one time monetary disturbances accomplish for future illegal activity? Nothing! It’s just a small “slap on the wrist.” They will repeat the illegal act again. And they do!

  • 4. Changing the tax system to a straight tax for all.

Majority of Americans have wanted this for decades. Try it as an experiment for two years to see how it works out. Our current taxation system is a mess. Too many laws with many more loopholes for escape.

Do you have anything to add for getting us back on the road to recovery? Ultimately, if we can’t slow or stop the progression this may be coming soon to a city near you:

every-us-president-in last-50-years-guilty-of-controlling-masses-not-just-obama

All Presidents In Last 50 Years-Guilty!

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  1. All governments work towards fulfling themselvesll


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