Relaxation Remedies In Liquid Form, Are Only As Magical As The Pixi Dust Marketers Throw At You

Purple Stuff’s Pro Relaxation Formula™, should be a way to turn the levers down that wind you up. Ahhh, no, because it just doesn’t work. Advertisers have toiled for months trying to figure out a way to encourage you to buy this product. If you see this item, turn your back and walk away.

These drinks may be labeled as dietary supplements like vitamins, but that really means nothing.

It’s just another way for manufacturers to sell the public on liquid candy. Drink makers do throw in a host of ingredients into the water called nutraceuticals.  This made-up word is to give the impression that certain nutrients can act just like pharmaceutical drugs in the body. Well, they don’t, especially, in such low doses.

The brand names sound so tempting. You might want to indulge. How would you feel at the end of a long hard day at work kicking back and sucking down “Marley’s Mellow Mood.” Bob Marley’s mouth would be hanging around a thick stick of ganja not some naturally colored flat sugared water.


Renovate Your Mind loves the sound of this brand, NeuroBliss™. Like your floating over a walnut-shaped mountain, mind-melting with your favorite “Lucky Charms” leprechaun. These drinks are all “magically delicious” to load up that pot of gold for advertisers and manufacturers.

Other names like Neuro Sleep™, Just Chill™ and Koma Unwind™ are other members of this liquid party of mellow me out drinks.

Never did I say that the combination of the advertising, labeled nutrients and the taste couldn’t stimulate the placebo effect. The result of which could cause a feeling of relaxation, sleepiness and lowered anxiety levels. Then again, so could that pretty blue sugar pill that someone told you contains a powerful anti-anxiety drug.

These products are also very expensive. Prices range from $2-3 per container.

Get a glass of seltzer water (carbonated water) and then squeeze in some fresh lime juice. You have just made a dietary supplement with added vitamin C from the lime. Next add some color and sugar with attractive packaging. Marketed correctly you could make millions.


Rob recommends a red glass of wine with your significant other while watching the sunset. Just make sure you are not sitting in separate bathtubs. What was that commercial for Cialis™ all about?

Please don’t abide by my recommendation if you are an alcoholic or on any medications that interact with alcohol.

Photo credit: JillWillRun / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo credit: believekevin / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Company. Thank you for standing up to 36 hours for erectile dysfunction.

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