Raking Those Leaves Might Start The Sneezing. Bearly A Problem, If You Avoid That Yardwork.

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autumn-brings-lots-of-leaves-to-rake-and-sneeze-from fungus-allergens

It’s the time of the year when the leaves never seem to stop falling.

Renovating Your Mind is tired of hearing people say “bless you?”  That respiratory convulsion shoots out of your facial orifices at 30 mph or greater. It’s just a myth that our sneezes come out at 100 mph. See link below:



Things to help stop this reaction:

  •  When you feel it coming, bite down on the bottom of your lip. That will short-circuit the sneeze reflex. Please don’t break skin!
  •  Best time to work out in the garden is the early am or in the pm, few hours before sunset. Air pollen is usually the lowest.
  •  If you’re raking or cutting wear a mask. If you have allergies, you should seriously consider breathing through this coverup.
  •  Don’t forget to wear a hat and gloves. They decrease the amount of exposure to the irritants.
  •  Antihistamines can be useful to help prevent sneezing, itching, runny nose and irritated eyes.

The most widely used second-generation antihistamines are Claritin™ (loratadine), Zyrtec™ (cetirizine) and Allegra™ (fexofenadine). They initially start working in about 1-3 hours and taken once daily. Highest risk of feeling sleepy is with Zyrtec. In studies, up to 14% of patients on cetirizine felt tired.

Caution with Allegra™ and grapefruit juice which can decrease absorption of Allegra by about 40%.

Out on the shelves you will also Benadry™ (diphenhydramine) and chlorpheniramine, which are older, first-generation agents. They must be dosed multiple times per day. They also have more side effects including much more drowsiness than second-generation medications. Used in place of the second-generation antihistamines only at night around bedtime.

Another important remedy is the use of saline nasal rinse. It may seem weird and uncomfortable at first, but it works. The process is done two times a day. It clears away all allergens, mucus, bacteria and soothes the entire area. At first, you may swear at it. Ultimately you will swear by the relief it affords your condition. Rinse helps to prevent bacterial accumulation therefore reducing the risk for infection.


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