Addition Of Pharmaceutical Chemicals To Animal Feed Yields Meat Renovating Your Mind Wouldn’t Want To Eat

Corporate ranchers say they need to keep the price of meat cheap. Otherwise, shoppers will not continue to fill up their shopping carts with animal protein. Fewer consumers are purchasing meat. As a result, these houses of animal ill repute have fewer cattle and pigs. The goal is to get a larger amount of meat out of a smaller audience of animals. If they can do it faster and cheaper all the better for those nice profit margins.

Pharmaceutical chemicals given to livestock have been approved by the FDA so they have to be safe, right? Think again, because corporate farms and the pharmaceutical companies are “favorite children” of those in politics and governing agencies.

Renovating Your Mind is here to expose what is going on behind the scenes. There is disgusting evidence of the pharmaceutical companies profiting with cattle additives to increase lean muscle in cattle, pigs and turkeys. Right before the animals reach the time for butchering, they start throwing beta agonists medications in the feed.

This is just one of the drug categories that are part of the animal’s food base. Beta agonists were originally tested for lung diseases in mice. Researchers noticed that the mice started rapidly gaining muscular tissue. Next thing you know it was ok’ed for animals by the FDA. Originally the medication was approved for cattle, than pigs and finally turkeys.

During much of their lifetime, animals are dosed with antibiotics and steroids to prevent disease and rapidly increase growth. As the animals near the age of slaughter, these substances are banned since they may end up in the meat laid out in the supermarket. Then industrial farmers are allowed to start dosing with beta agonist drugs. With these medications, the animal puts on an average of 30 pounds of meat towards the end of their miserable lives. Confined in their prison-like environment and now allowed to bulk up for their final days on earth.

Merck Pharmaceutical produces Zilmax (zilpaterol). Eli Lilly Drug Company makes a competitor product called Optaflexx (ractopamine). They are both beta agonist medications. Renovating Your Mind has written a previous article about ractopamine and pork. If interested, the link is below:

The Other White Meat…

This past week, Merck has suspended the supplying of their drug because of complaints of problems in the movements of the animals. Something that may be associated with the drug. Merck will begin new research that will test if cattle immobility and lameness is being caused by Zilmax.

Merck reported that approximately 70% of beef in the United States is treated with their drug or with Lilly’s Optaflexx.


Tyson Foods has decided to stop using Merck’s drug. There is a concern that they will still use Lilly’s version. Tyson says that some of the cattle are showing up to be butchered but not being able to walk. In some cases, the animal cannot even move. The company is very worried about the animal’s welfare. It claimed that the meat is still safe for consumers. What worries me is that Tyson’s priority is their bottom line.

Renovating Your Mind advises limiting consumption of meat. If you need to consume meat daily, try to go organic whenever possible. Lower your health risks.

Take a look at a quality meat producer with a company from Chicago called Buedel Fine Meats below:

Natural Meat Raised Without The Addition Of Pharmaceuticals

Use the company as an example of the quality meat products that are available in the United States.


Consider A Meat-Free Day Weekly?

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