Renovating Your Minds Knows That Lucid Dreaming Can Enlighten Your Waking Life


In a lucid dream, you can do whatever you want. Defy the laws of gravity, vaporize hideous monsters, talk with deceased relatives that you actually liked and do anything you can envision in your imagination. You are outside the realm of normal existence.

How can you determine that you are dreaming while you are dreaming?

Here are Renovating Your Mind’s training tips on how to lucid dream:

1. Become super vigilant while your awake. Look at everything around the house. You are redefining reality by noticing things.

We all grow so numb to our surroundings. I call it “life blur.”

2. Question yourself multiple times during the day, “am I awake?”

3. Build up your dream awareness. Focus on something like a clock, some text or a static page on your computer monitor. Then look away repeatedly.

If that image is still there when you turn back, you remain in the awake world.

This is actually called the “safe test.” In a lucid dream, during the repeat look, the clock will disappear, the text will look blurry and the monitor is gone. In a dream, because the object is not real, on a second stare it vanishes. You now possess the potential to fly, levitate and walk on water. The universe is your playground and don’t play nice. 🙂

4. You need a good nights sleep to help journey into a lucid dream.

During an 8 hour sleep cycle, the patterns of R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement) start increasing during the night. The longer the sleep, the more R.E.M periods. This paves your path for lucid dreaming.

5. Right before you go to sleep, tell yourself that when you dream, you want to realize that you really are dreaming.


Many years ago, I was fortunate enough to have a lucid dream. It involved an out-of-body experience. I woke up in my dream and was looking down at myself sleeping. Then I moved through the closed window out of my parents home. I took off in-flight rapidly gliding above the streets, arriving at my friend’s front day. My body went right through the door and up the stairs to his bedroom. As I looked at him sleeping, I noticed the clock. It was fuzzy, but seemed like 3 am. Suddenly, he got up from the bed and walked right around me. I heard the flush in the bathroom and he got back in bed. I didn’t try to interact with the “reality” around me. Finally, my body took flight down the stairs and went right through the door again. I remember looking back at the house as I took to the sky heading for home. When I awoke, I was completed saturated with sweat like someone poured a bucket of water on my bed. What a trip!

I want to thank Dr. Stephen LaBerge for some of the information that was used to create this article. His book is Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming. It was also co-authored by Howard Rhenigold. Appreciate your help guys. Enclosed below is a link to their book on Amazon.

  • Dreaming can actually increase your confidence levels. Conquer that reptile in your head during a dream. He will no longer exist to negatively influence your actions in the “real world.”
    • Lucid dreaming is great for working on problems. Write down the problem and look at it right before bed. Your options expand during sleep because you are no longer tied down by your inhibitions.


  • Defeat repetitive nightmares that haunt your dream world. As soon as you realize you’re in a dream, you can do anything you want to defeat the darkness. Quicksand traps always worked for me. Demon begone! 🙂

Start practicing for your lucid dream journeys. Make sleep time improve the quality of your life.  Mix some good sleep with lucid R.E.M. and the results may pleasantly surprise you.

I leave you with this from Kenny Nolan. Sweet dreams kids.

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