Selenium-Tracing The Existence Of This Marvelous Mineral

rightto themoonAlice

“Right To The MOON, Alice!”

We get the word selene, from the Greek word for MOON. Selenium is known as a trace mineral. Trace, because it’s only needed in very small amounts in the body. The major minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorous are needed in much larger amounts. That is why they are called, ah…MAJOR MINERALS. Why do we call it a mineral rather than a vitamin? Vitamins are organic compounds. Meaning each vitamin has carbon in its structure and they are all molecules (composed of more than one substance).

Minerals are all non-organic (no carbon) and are composed of just one substance. Selenium is needed in teeny, tiny amounts by the body for its protective nature to neutralize electrical instability. It re-normalizes our cells by forming parts of antioxidant complexes called selenoproteins.

There is an electrical network that runs throughout our body.Often, because of pollution (water and air), poisonous substances (bad fats, food contamination) and also normal processes of life (aging, respiration) electrons in our cells end up on the wrong side of the cell neighborhood. Selenium, takes control, and stabilizes this problem by attraction. Selenoprotein senses a charge disturbance in the cell. It begins the courting process where it moves over to meet the negative charge in the unstable particle. It then forces it to slow dance, ultimately absorbing all of its damaging negativity. Thus oxidation (damage) is prevented and another free radical (unstable protein) now has been stabilized.

If selenium is deficient in the body then damages in the cell accumulate over years/decades resulting in cancer and inflammatory issues like heart disease.

Besides having a name tag that reads antioxidant (preventing oxidation), selenium also is responsible for thyroid and immune functioning.


One Big Bunch Of Nuts-Selenium Depot

Foods highest in selenium contain two of my favorites, mushrooms and Brazil nuts. In fact, Brazil nuts are one of the highest selenium containing foods. One Brazil nut can supply a whole days requirement in most people.

Also on the list is sunflower seeds, fish, shellfish, eggs, poultry, meats, whole grain foods and onions.


Sea Meat Gets Selenium From The Water

It is much safer to get your selenium from food than supplements.

One Brazil nut has a range of from  68-91 mcg of selenium depending on the size. Selenium is set by the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) at 55 mcg per day for anyone 14 years and older. That’s mcg (micrograms) not mg (milligrams). 1 milligram equals 1000 micrograms. Exceeding 400 mcg daily can lead to selenium overdose. So watch your nuts!

Turn It Up Loud, Start Dancing, Scream When You Hear Selenium!!!!


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