What Precious Vitamin Hides In The Fungus Among Us?

Meet Vitamin D In:


Catching The Sun

Your skin initiates Vitamin D formation by allowing a cholesterol-like compound to be irradiated (bombarded with UVB rays) by the sun. Once absorbed into circulation, this nuked pre-Vitamin D then goes through two additional alterations in your liver and kidneys. The entire process puts any Kim Kardashian/Kanye West makeover to shame. Why do we have reality TV that’s not reality?

Vitamin D,  is difficult to find in most foods. Unless, that food is fortified by the manufacturer like milk, orange juice, yogurt, etc.


Mushrooms are the best vegan source of Vitamin D that we have available to us. Make sure your mushrooms have been irradiated. You can let mushrooms sunbathe to produce even more Vitamin D. Seriously.


“No Suntan Lotion! It Lowers My D Attractability Score.”


Mushrooms contain substances called beta-glucans. These compounds will stimulate our immune systems to help overcome viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic invaders.

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  1. This is very important information that you are providing and I want to thank you again. It is a reminder to me about being out in the sun for the vitamin D that my body needs for health. I will have to force myself to get out more and also I need to excercise more. Thanks again.


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