Melts In Your Mouth With A Creamy Like Silkness-Chocolate Revisted


Can’t Get Enough, Recommended Is Just A Little…Bit

As little as 30 grams (oz), may initiate the positive effects seen in studies.  Dark chocolate may have many more health benefits than just lowering blood pressure. Some studies show that milk chocolate may also have a beneficial effects.

In the August ’12 issue of Neurology, chocolate shows protection against stroke. The study was done in Sweden where 90% of the chocolate consumed is milk chocolate. Antioxidant flavonoids in chocolate may be protective against blood vessel disease by lowering bad cholesterol. Benefits of chocolate not only occur  in the brain, but the heart. Originally, thinking was that only dark chocolate was effective and that milk blocked the positive health effects of antioxidants. That thinking may prove outdated. Keep you posted.


Mom, Are We Out Of Chocolate Conditioner?

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  1. I eat a lot of chocolate, but it is milk chocolate and not dark chocolate. Thanks for the info; I need to eat the healthy dark chocolate.


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