Why Does Cutting Onions Cause So Much Emotion?


Cut The Basal Plate IF You Love To Cry!

Use that knife near the basal plate releases a protein called an enzyme. This enzyme reacts with the other parts of the onion to release a gas. The gas combines with water in the eye to produce an acid. It is such an irritating substance that your eyes increases tear production to dilute the noxious substance. Here is what you can do to stop or limit this:

Chill the onion, 15 minutes and up to 24 hours before cutting

Limits the enzyme release

Use a sharp knife

Dull knifes smashes the cells,  releasing the crying protein

Cut it under the water

I think may be dangerous

Wear goggles

Great for hilarious pictures 🙂

Breath through your mouth with your tongue sticking out

Prevents most of the volatile gas from reaching the eyes


My Favorite Type Of Onion-The Sexy Red

They have almost 200% more antioxidants than any other onion. I like not only the color to dress up a recipe but the taste. Excellent on pizza and bruschetta.

Little Tidbit:

Red onions are high in chromium (mineral) that helps lower blood sugar-making  insulin more efficient. It also lowers the risk of certain cancers and  decreases inflammation. High percentage of onion’s protective components are located in the outer layers. So try to discard as little as possible of those outer layers (right under the tunic in the illustration above) to get the most from your onions.

Dedicated to my girlfriend that always cries when she cuts onions.

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  1. Very interesting! thanks for sharing!


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