Love On A Quantum Entanglement Scale Featuring Alcoholic Hallucinations With Shakespeare And Einstein

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Those were the words of Issac Asimov. One of the most imaginative science fiction writers since Jules Verne. And this quote served as my sounding board to bring together two geniuses. One was known as the Bard (Poet) of Avon, England. His name was Mr. William Shakespeare. Did you know he was into older women?* The other brainiac became famous for his brilliant imagination changing our vision of the universe. The man who could have used today’s fabric sheets to keep his hair closer to his head, Professor Albert Einstein.


My goal was to prevent the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. The only way of altering Shakespeare’s play is to go back in time to visit this brilliant playwright.

I discovered that time travel existed by an ironic meeting with the great-granddaughter of Stephen Hawkins (famous astrophysicist in our time). She had developed a machine that would allow whole organism entrapment facilitating time travel. The technique allows gravitational waves to act as a stent keeping worm holes viable for allowing travel through a time continuum. She was able to stabilize a wormhole with negative matter that could go into the future as easy as it could visit the past. The two of us happened to meet in Boulder, Colorado. She was testing the technology by going back to my year of current existence, 2017.

All of this is quite imaginative and postulated after two delicious glasses of white wine. My thoughts are that alcohol fosters a rip in the space-time continuum. Depending on the blood-alcohol concentration, one is able to shoot back and forth along the timeline. All you need is a location and year and a continually filled wine goblet for the voyage.


I meet Mr. Shakespeare in the year 1600 after the finale of one of his plays. I confront him with the simple phrase of “Hello William Shakespeare, my name is Rob. I would like to ask you a question. He looks at me pensively and says, “Evening Sir Rob.” Then I go into my dialogue with, “What if I was able to concoct an ending that allowed Romeo and Juliet to survive their family dysfunctions? To give an alternate ending, other than suicide, where the audience would be equally ecstatic at the conclusion of the play.” With a puzzled look on his face, William Shakespeare says, “Sir Rob, you are dressed in garb that I don’t recognize from this area!”

I explain that, “I am from a place called the United States. A group of 50 different pieces of land named states separated by mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The formation of this unified country started with a violent act of war called the American Revolution in the 1700’s. We broke free from your England and started a movement that ensured all types of freedom for the citizens of our lands. I come to you from the year 2017.”

I was expecting that he would walk away from me. I knew it wasn’t Shakespeare’s style to speak with a village idiot. But for some reason, maybe my dress and verbal confidence gave him reason to take notice. I’m thinking, was this guy intelligent enough to write these plays? He looked like a hippie from the 60’s and had an odor like an old barn. And what gives with the gold loop earring in his left ear? And suddenly Aerosmith music goes off in my head with, “dude looks like a lady!!”

Shakespeare responded, “What are you proposing for Romeo and Juliet? Suicide is a very popular way for me to conclude their relationship. The audience loves the ending. They leave my performance shedding tears all the way back to their homes.”

I said, “What about putting black holes in each of their bedrooms. Those holes would be connected to tunnels called wormholes. This way they could meet whenever they wanted by a simple signal. This call sign would be known as quantum entanglement.”

Shakespeare’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets as he exclaimed,  “My dear sir, excuse my French,  but I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Black holes! Wormholes!! Quantum entanglement??!!! I’m very confused at your manner of speech. What are these terms?”

I said, “Do you mind if I address you as Bill?” Mr. Shakespeare’s eyebrows went up as he seemed to be thinking of a witty response. With a roll of his eyes, he exclaimed, “Is that grammatically appropriate in the future?” “Bill, in the future, your thought of as a genus poet and playwright. Your words have stood the test of time. You are as relevant in the 21st century as you are here, right now. Dude, you are the gentleman of eloquent prose that continues to tickle the intellectual fancy of both men and women!”Bill smiled at me. I suddenly felt as if I captured his rapport. Loved the feel of bonding with one of the greatest playwrights in all history. “Dude,” he said. “I like that! Would you mind if I use that word in one of my future works?” “Help yourself to my words, Bill. I would be proud to allow you to utilize our vocabulary within your realm!”

With a smile on my face, I explained on how  I wanted to help him understand my terminology. I suggested bringing in an expert from the future in the area of space and time. I said, “Bill, his name is Professor Albert Einstein. He can tell you how we can get Romeo and Juliet to stay alive even through their parents will think they both vanished into thin air.”

“Sir Rob, that sounds like a witch’s magic, but I’m willing to listen to Mr. Einstein. Ultimately, my audience will tire of the current conclusion of this play. An alternative ending may spark new interest in this story for future performances. Please bring Mr. Einstein to my home. I’ll write down the location for you.”

After bidding “the Bard” goodbye, I rip through space-time and journeyed to the year 1935. I catch Albert walking down Nassau Street in Princeton sticking his tongue out at onlookers. “Hi, how are you, Professor Einstein?” He stops, smiles and replies, “Good. And who do I have the pleasure of saying hello to?” “My name is Rob. I have been looking for help in explaining wormholes, black holes and particle entrapment to William Shakespeare.”


The professor looked at me like I had three heads. He said, ” Huh?!!! If I say yes, how do we travel back in time to see Shakespeare?” I replied, “I have discovered a rip in space-time. It’s a portal for allowing gravitons (gravity particles) to bend time. I left the mechanism set for the year 1600 with Mr. Shakespeare’s specific location. We will be sent onto the cobblestone street right in front of his home.”

As we walked, I filled Einstein in on what had happened since 1935. Equations that he had been working on to bring together the sub-atomic world (quantum theory) with his work on the universe have still not been solved in our present time. I didn’t tell him that he would be working on this very problem in his hospital bed at Princeton Hospital on April 17, 1955. The day his aorta blew out. He passed away in his sleep the following morning.

What we knew from Einstein and current research has brought us closer to solving the mysteries of combining the science of the “Big Bang” with today’s Universe. Equations that would ultimately link the sub-microscopic universe of the past with the gargantuan system filled with billions of galaxies that we experience in present time.

Black holes are areas in space where space and time are curved. The hole has two regions, an exterior and interior. On the exterior region of the black hole, is a surface called the event horizon which separates the two regions. Einstein’s theory, through his equations, saw the event horizon as complete fiction. If an astronaut crossed on it, she will feel nothing. But once she crossed over that demarcation, the squeezing together of each atom in her body would occur within the interior of the black hole. She would not be able to escape as the power of gravity and time wrapped together would compress her body to invisibility. To a size so small, our eyes would see just empty space. The reality is she would no longer exist as an intact mammal. All the trillions of electrons, protons and neutrons that once made up her body are strewn all over the place within the black hole.

The Professor was astonished at the advances in his field that I reflected back at him from the future. I brought Einstein up to speed on what we know so far about Black Holes, particle entrapment and Worm Holes. I thought to myself that scientists have been working on trying to come up with a unified theory of everything since Einstein’s death to no avail. They are getting closer, it seems, with some theories.  “String theory” may be the ultimate winner on how to bring the Universe together with the invisible, atomic world.

As by magic, the time travel technology brought us successfully outside the home of William Shakespeare. Knocking on the door brought an immediate opening and welcoming in by Shakespeare. He invited myself and the Professor to have a seat. He then served us ale.

Albert explained to William that we could set up a black hole in the bedroom of both of the lovers. Each of their black holes would be entangled creating a connection (tunnel) called a wormhole that attached each black hole. Because of their strong love for each other, Romeo and Juliet had become attached by the very atoms that composed of each of their bodies.

The couple could signal each other with ease by syncing a coin. They would secretly meet to entangle each of their coins to heads.  Upon separating to their appropriate homes, whenever one of them turns the coin to tails, the other coin would automatically switch to tails. This is called particle entanglement. In reality, each could be on separate planets and one coin would know what the other coin is doing therefore mirroring the action. So distance has no consequence on any changes that occur once the coins are synced during the initial entrapment.

When the signal is given (turning of one of the coins to the other side), each of the lovers would go into their appropriate black holes and meet within the tunnel made by the wormhole. This was the ultimate connection that would allow Romeo and Juliet to disappear together and meet in secret. Their families would think they both vanished. Shakespeare and Einstein both smiled and nodded at me as if they knew I was a figment of their lucid imagination.

Suddenly, I was awakened by the beating of drums. I realized that sleep had taken me into a journey of a lifetime. The sounds of rhythmic pounding grew louder and louder till I realized it was my damn alarm. Within the warm confines of my bed, I wondered whether my mental trip to the past would influence the future. If you can dream it, future reality can make it all come true.

Below is an explaination of the theory that Einsten, Rosen and Podolsky came up with in 1935. Entanglement is an addition to this research. It allows black holes to be linked together, no matter where in the universe they are located. And the underlying Road to Oz of those Black Holes are Worm Holes. Welcome to our strange universe!



Renovating Your Brain Sidenotes:

*The Bard of Avon married at the age of 18. His wife, Anne Hathaway, was eight years older than William. She was also three months pregnant with their first child when the couple took their vows. In the 16th century, that didn’t go over too well with most people who thought that pre-marriage copulation  was immoral because a relationship was based on chastity.  Another interesting bit of information was that Shakespeare’s parents were probably both illiterate.


An interesting fact about Einstein was that he had a derogatory  nickname given to him by the family maid. She called him “der Depperte.” Translated from German means the dopey one. He was very slow in learning how to speak. In addition, he talked very softly. You can’t judge a book by its cover. Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” The proof of that lies in his life and legacy.

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  1. Great post!! What a funny and beautiful way to make us reflect on this fascinating subject. I just traveled some minutes in past after reading your article!

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  2. Fantastic! This is your best yet. (In this category anyway.) The video helped me to wrap my recently renovated mind around the possibility.

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