VR (Virtual Reality), Subverting Our Subconscious, An Alarming Possibility. “Danger Will Robinson!”

Elon Musk calls AI (Artificial Intelligence) “our biggest threat.” Stephen Hawkins says that AI “may be more dangerous than nuclear weapons.” Both have reasoned that thinking machines left unchecked may become the dominate force on the face of the Earth. Software programs that are always on and become so intelligent they could subject humans to mere slaves. In time, with advancing technology, anything is possible. But have you every imaged how your subconscious can possibly be undermined by VR? This technology is coming to fruition right now!

The brain is a medicine chest. It produces chemicals like dopamine. This neurotransmitter (chemical messenger) is cranked up with the use of opiates, sex, gambling, etc. Any activity or drug that results in pleasure, significantly increases the production of dopamine. Ultimately, we develop a tolerance therefore needing more to yield the same effects.

What if a company developed a game that would induce increased production of dopamine? Then they linked successful completions of each level with higher feelings of pleasure. How can this scenario not become a new addiction?  In addition, within the scheme of this alluring playing field, corporate/government starts using this technology for its nefarious effects.

Take a look at where the 24 century was envisioned to take us with Virtual Reality. The show was called “The Game.” An episode within the amazing series called Star Trek: The Next Generation*.

What you must realize is that the SUBconscious part of our brain sees and senses everything. Whereas the conscious mind has a limit of 7 pieces of data plus or minus 2 (5-9). Most humans can only handle at least 5 and at the most 9 slices of information. The rest is filtered out. Otherwise our senses would be overwhelmed. We couldn’t focus on survival. Which is what our genes are engineered to prioritize.

Here is a video example of how limited we are visually in the information we can process and use at one time. They call this “A Double Dutch.”

Only the positive side of this double-edged sword are the positive possibilities of VR. We can go to places throughout the world or universe without leaving our home. We may be able to treat mental diseases using this technology such as phobias and depression. Skills that we never dreamed of developing may be initiated by this virtual process. And the game play available would be so much more real-life.

But I caution that this technology is uncharted terrain for the human brain. And words for the wise, would be just like the science fiction show from the 60’s, called “Lost In Space”.

*The video from Star Trek Next Generation, “The Game” was paid for through Goggle.

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  1. VR addiction will almost certainly become a “thing.”

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