FDA, Shit Or Get Off The Pot!!

The FDA just declined the petition to let go restrictions on cannabis. It remains as a Category One Drug!!

Huffington Post article detailing FDA rulings below:


These are what the government abbreviations stand for:

The FDA is the Food and Drug Administration.

The DEA is the Drug Enforcement Agency.

The NIH is the National Institute of Health.

Who is watching the FDA because they aren’t doing their job to utilize current science to benefit the consumer. The FDA and the DEA has been a joke for some time. Who controls them? We know it’s groups with money, power and connections. We are talking lobbyists, pharmaceutical companies, Cotton Industry, Alcohol Industry and more.

The NIH already has patent # 6630507 on cannabis filed on April 21, 1999 and published to the public on Oct. 7, 2003. See below:



It was for health benefits in neuroprotection (protecting nerve cells in the brain from damage) and as an antioxidant. Those fools in the DEA already have licensed Marinol many years ago. Marinol is now available generically as dronabinol. This is a synthetic version of THC in a gel capsule. fDA has also approved Cesamet, another synthetic THC product. Why did they license it if cannabis is medically ineffective?
This proves that FDA’s claims that cannabis has a high potential for abuse and medically ineffective is complete trash talk. Where is their current scientific evidence proving this Category One bullshit?
The DEA and FDA themselves should be categorized as a Category One Agency. Their standards have a high potential for abuse. The agency has been medically ineffective for decades.

The FDA has been promising approval for safer and better sunscreen ingredients decades ago. They have been used in Europe for years to protect their society from sun damage. FDA is still trying to figure out what holes their fingers are in before they come out with a ruling on better chemicals to protect us from skin cancer.

FDA is understaffed, overwhelmed and follows the money trail. Cash and control have priorities over science with the FDA. They are stuck in sucking up for their superiors that only abide by what the powerful interests tell them to do.

Food and Drug Administration has lacked credibility for decades. They are a total waste of our tax dollars. FDA needs to take a big dump or get off the pot. Let a new organization staffed with consumer  without monetary bias, take over the reins of this dumb and dumber agency.

As more and more states go cannabis legal, banks won’t take their money because their scared of liability with federal lawsuits. This is dangerous to owners, associates and consumers due to the amounts of cash that are available for thieves.

Medical and recreational businesses cannot write off their taxes because the Federal Government says this is an illegal industry. So although the IRS will not allow most owners to write most expenses off their taxes, IRS  wants this “dirty money” paid to them as taxes. This is absolutely insane!!

Many medically challenged people are suffering because most clinical research is curtailed because of the FDA’s Category One lies. This botanical has the largest medicine chest of any plant ever discovered by man. It can have a beneficial effect on most disease states. The functions of various strains that contain phytocannabinols that include the terpenes and other antioxidants can act as a preventative, adjunct or primary treatment for certain disease states.

Lastly, if for some crazy reason the NIH allows you to conduct research with cannabis , you must get it from the University of Mississippi. This is the government’s only grow facility. It produces a very limited amount of strains, all with low THC content. Why are you forced to get the product from only this facility, when you can grow exactly the strain and % of medicinal components you need locally for testing a patient population with a certain disease. Again, these government people are insane in the membrane. This may change if the government follows through on what it said today (Aug. 11, 2016 Thursday) about changing the monopoly on supply by University of Mississippi. I’m not holding my breath for how long this may take these imbeciles.

Wake up everybody. Medical benefits of cannabis are waiting to be explored for sick patients. Get your particular state on board with voting for full licensing of selling and using the plant. The more states that approve this legislation, the more we can push the Feds over the cliff to proclaim full legalization for all.

Why does this have to be this difficult to better our country and the quality of health for our citizens????  Let me know what you think about this issue. Do you agree or disagree and why?

Thank you readers.





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