What Candidate To Select? Trump-Full Of Hot Air? Clinton-Just Another Self-Serving Politician Addicted To Power?

If you look back through American history, what you see are tsunamis of great years and what seems like an abyss of not so good years. Some presidents just get caught in the flow. They just happen to be at the right place and time to ride the economic wave upwards! Others, for whatever reason, get caught on the downward flush. Commander-In-Chiefs that earned the respect of the public are a small sub-category. Those few unique individuals that were the lynch pins that shaped events that bore positive fruit rather than going down with the ship. Think George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, etc. and there were many more that shaped this country into an amazing place we call home.

With the completion of both party’s conventions the best thing to do before the November election is to listen and think. Don’t get into heated discussions on who would make the ‘best” president. Stop being biased by the media’s flavoring of the good and bad of each candidate. Do you own fact checks. See if the conclusions of multiple quality sources match. Then, maybe, it’s true, but keep checking.

Hopefully we can figure out before the election what candidate to select for the most impossible job in the United States. I’ll keep you posted on the scores as time passes on.






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