Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Why Do You No Longer Recognize Me At All?

In many patients throughout the United States, our immune system is no longer recognizing what it sees as “self”. When that happens, our defense systems start internally attacking our bodies causing destruction and death. This is known as autoimmune disease.

Think of our immune system as the class bully. If there are lesser amounts of invaders (bacteria, viruses, fungus, etc.) present, immunity finds something else to pick on. So it starts battles with harmless organs (thyroid, lungs, kidneys, etc.) and proteins found in foods (wheat, barley, rye, etc.).

One of the rationals behind the explosive growth of thyroid and lung disease is that the immune system is being given substantially less stimulation. Why? Because we are too clean. We are constantly trying to sterilize our external bodies with soaps, body gels and antiseptic facial products and internally with prescription antibiotics. Antibiotics not only kill bad but also the good bugs. These beneficial bugs are known as our “normal flora.”

NOTE:  Approximately 90% of the cells in our body are foreign. Meaning that the majority of our “being” is composed of bacteria. Google it! We need to nourish our beneficial bacteria with quality foods to help them keep us healthy. Not kill them off so the bad vermin take over.

You may have viewed the movie starring William Hurt called Altered States. It’s a 1980 science fiction, horror film. When Hurt enters an isolation tank, he becomes sensory deprived, resulting in biological devolution. His body accesses dominant genetic material in his DNA that has been silent for thousands of years. Body transformations begin, altering his state into that of primitive man. Can you imagine body and mind transferring to a Neanderthal being? Fascinating flick that may be quite real when we bring it down a few notches.

Every system in our body needs stimulation. If we are put into a pitch dark isolation tank filled with salty water (salt allows the body to easily float), you will eventually begin hallucinating. Why? Because every system in the body needs to be tickled (stimulated) to keep everything working normally. Even during sleep, we dream not only to consolidate memories but for mental stimulation.

Approximately 5% of the population in the US are being treated with thyroid hormone because they have hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone being produced by the body). Studies show that an additional 5% of Americans needed thyroid medication but are currently unaware of their problem. That is 10% of the population of the U.S. which is 32 million citizens that have a significant thyroid underproduction requiring prescription medication (Synthroid, Levoxyl, levothyroxine, etc.).

There is something very wrong within our environment. We continue to contaminate our air, water and food. There are antibacterials contained in our health and beauty products that kill the good as well as bad germs. We are surrounded with cleaning gels that kill everything on our hands and bodies.

NOTE: Avoid products that contain triclosan. You may find this chemical in some toothpastes. Stay clear of triclocarban found in bar soaps and additional health/beauty products.

Just like antibiotics, they kill the bad bugs but destroy the beneficial bacteria that keep bad guys in check. Our foods (mainly meats) are contaminated with antibiotics. Industrial farmers use these medications to increase growth and enable the animal to reach slaughter weight faster. For you carnivores, allow yourself the quality of organic meats whenever possible depending on your budget. The chances for trace antibiotic residues are significant lower with organics.

NOTE: When we dose on antibiotics, some of the “smart” beneficial bacterial run over to the appendix to take cover. Once antibiotics have left the building (our bodies), the good bugs get back out into the intestinal tract to help preserve our health. Think about patients who have had their appendix removed.

We are getting higher amounts of antibiotics including other prescription medications, pesticides, fungicides, antibacterials, fertilizers dumped into our water supply. They are then consumed by everything living on the planet including our livestock. In addition, our produce is being hydrated by these contaminated waters.

How To Lower Toxic Exposure:

*Choose as much organic produce as possible (frozen organic fruits and vegetables are least expensive).
*Avoid triclosan and triclocarban. Please read labels.
*Purchase organic meats whenever possible.
*Consume less meat (meat-free days weekly).
*Switch to a vegetarian diet.
*Purchase a water filter (check out Consumers Reports for the best filtration systems)

Good news is there is some pressure by the FDA on industrial farms to only use antibiotics in sick animals. Problem is that the government is not enforcing this policy only recommending these positive changes.

You must be proactive in keeping your priceless body in a healthy state. Normal flora is a significant ally but constantly needs quality nourishment to make this happen. In life, there are no 100% guarantees. You lower your disease risk substantially by loading up your diet with many different colored pieces of produce, nuts, seeds and grains. As for meats, moderate to the size of a deck of cards or less.

Appreciation for the stimulus to getting back to writing again goes out to K. Thank you.

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  1. Sweet and succinct! Hope you don’t mind- I shared this on my Facebook page, (“We” needed to hear/read this.)


  2. Excellent ! great content- no one gets this kind of eye opening info out ! Thank You !!


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