Coming Together Of All Living Things On The Quantum Level

surreal-pic-planetary-systems-within-view1In the early part of the last century, Albert Einstein discovered a new reality. That revision of life itself showed the explosive dynamics of the universe. That everything we see “out there” in the universe is always in complete chaos. The stability areas are the planetary systems including the sun (stars) collected into various galaxies consisting of planets, moons, asteroids and comets. On a sub-atomic level, chaos is occurring on all this matter throughout the universe. So once energy starts to wane in these planetary systems, matter gets out of control resulting in implosions, explosions, collisions and black holes. The remnants end up as dust in space.

A natural state of things is to fall apart. Be it humans, animals, plants or appliances. We call this entropy or disorder.

This is caused by not putting energy into the system. Without energy, our cells would slip away from each other, resulting in death. Eyes would fall out, the nose would slip off and the lips would disintegrate. Think of Mr. Potato Head disassembled. All the cells making up the internal body would cease to be attracted to each other due to the loss of energy. We would ultimately end up as dust in the wind.


Similar to how a house goes into a state of disrepair when nothing is fixed or updated. Residential disintegration is an example of entropy. We have to add energy constantly within the form of labor and parts to keep the home in tip-top order. If not…


Our bodies are held together by order. The order of how trillions of cells are grouped to form structures (organs) known as the heart, skin, kidneys, etc. Energy from the food we ingest, allows us to keep things together within our cells. That’s why hunger is one of the basic human primal needs. Hunger forces us to eat. Food supplies us with energy to keep things from falling apart.

Going down into more detail inside every living thing on this planet takes us into a sub-atomic (smaller than atoms) that is not visible to humanity. We would see complete chaos. Electrons (one of the many sub-atomic particles) are all over the place. Zooming around and inside the cells just like billions of mini-drones flying everywhere. This view is on the quantum level.

We are living miracles. Inside the very being of our bodies is our very own universe. Similar to the stability of the sun, planets, moons, etc are the circulatory, immune, respiratory, etc. systems. So how does everything go from these complex intricate systems to the basic foundation of everything being completely out of control on the quantum level? We have no idea.

Thinking about this unseen “reality.” Everyone and everything is interconnected. Go for a walk in the park. Every living thing be it a tree, bush, bird or human will hook up with your sub-atomic particles on the quantum level. In fact, inanimate objects like the pavement, bench or bathroom are constantly throwing out its electrons to greet yours while making your journey through nature. There is no set distance that particles won’t travel to make a connection.

Not only are humans walking miracles, but we are all living together as one collective organism. We just don’t perceive this on our visible level of reality.

If we could only open up this unseen world to homo sapiens, there would no longer be any type of inequality based on race, religion, sex, etc.  Individuals could engage in helping society advance without violence, greed and suffering. What an even more wonderful world this would be!!















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