Living In The Present Makes It All Real. Don’t Allow The Negative Legacy Of The Past, Lower The Quality Of Your Present.

Past-Is-Finished-Learn-From-It-But-Let-It Go!

The past and the future doesn’t exist in our reality. Why waste our lives letting it drown out our beautiful present.

I could never live in the present because it was overwhelmed by the noise going on in my head of the past and perceived future.

How much of our time is wasted by thinking about the past? What we should have done. How things would be different, if we only altered how we conducted ourselves in our earlier decades of life. Those many circumstances where we could have, should have and would have, doesn’t make a damn bit of difference on what is going on right NOW. We can’t change the past. Yes, it’s part of our memories, but that is all. Learning from past negative behaviors can lead to making a better person, here, in the present. But then, we need to move on!

We cannot voyage into the future. Plan for the future, yes, but with the sometimes harsh realities of life, the future is never guaranteed. All that we have is the now, the TODAY.

Many let the negative legacy of the past control their present. They allow guilt to control their life. We can’t share true love with another unless we love ourselves first.

Those that remain locked into yesterday don’t want to risk opening up their own Pandora’s Box to journey on a bold new path. Risk is scary but the rewards of a less dysfunctional life is priceless. Opening up and seeking help will free you of the chains that bind the “true person” locked inside but scared to come out.

If you can find a partner that loves themselves, doesn’t use guilt for control and lives in the present, hold onto them tight. They are a keeper, who deserves a future with you. No matter how many minutes that future may hold, the relationship is a miracle to be cherished.

Throughout my life, I’ve made many mistakes. I couldn’t be the person I am today without learning from those errors. Over a decade ago, I threw guilt out of my life. I will not allow it to control me nor ever use it to control another. Guilt, my friend, is one big waste of time that fester into just more guilt.

Today, I’m happy to say that I’m better anchored in the present. This was made possible by meditation, yoga and journeying into spirituality. It wasn’t an easy task to reach a noiseless present. It took much searching, perseverance and patience. The journey was as valuable as the positive mindset that seats me into today.

Sending out all my love to the amazing individuals that have given me access to the building blocks to reside in the priceless present. Mahalo.


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  2. This is right up my alley and experiene. Mind body wellness. Living in the now and concious of our surroundings. It is well. Thanks you.

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