Living Green Is The Preventative Option To A Healthy You.

Plants could exist without us but we couldn’t survive without them. This colorful kingdom remains dependent on the power of the sun to germinate, grow, reproduce and bare the magical products known as produce. Each color contains a myriad powerhouse of different organic substances including the antioxidants and inorganic nutrients.

Note: In chemistry, organic means that the substance contains carbon. We are carbon-based organisms. Inorganic are minerals (calcium, selenium, silicon, etc) which are required nutrients for us and other living systems. Inorganic substances do not contain carbon. This is a different definition from the word “organic” which relates to uncontaminated (only allowable “safe” substances used that are certified by the government) means to bring produce into our world.

Think about cattle, pigs, chicken and fish. We would be unable to obtain their butchered/caught end products without the availability of plants as feed for these animals. Animals cannot survive without some type of produce for growth and maturation.

Yet, many humans make the voluntary decision not to consume these genetic wonders of out environment. A large portion of society partakes of the altered, sometimes muted remains available in convenience foods and most fast foods. This bastardization of food processing adds salt and fat and lowers fiber and nutrients. In addition, the more than 90% of the body made up of bacteria, produce deleterious products inside of us upon digestion of this dietary garbage.

Recently, Renovating Your Mind has reviewed the circulars from the local supermarkets. Over 75% of the edible products illustrated was adulterated trash. Shoppers are paying good money to litter their bodies with white flour, sugars, noxious chemical and loads of nutrient-free calories.

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