Our Journey On Earth Is A Minute By Minute Miracle!! Love Life In And Around You.

primitive-man-in-defense-mode-confronting-wild-animalHuman beings are the culmination of an evolving end product made from billions of years of random chance and/or intelligent design. Making Earth life friendly is a remarkable combination of so many different factors. They all have to work perfectly together to ensure an environment conducive to human existence.

Here are just seven of the major features below to illustrate how factors beyond humanity have enabled us to lead our miraculous existence.

We live in a “Goldilocks” era where our distance from the sun makes the planet a habitable zone. On most areas of the planet, it’s neither too hot nor too cold.

The core of the earth is molten which provides a magnetic field. This shields us from deadly bursts given off by the  sun. If the liquid iron within the center of our planet solidified, we would perish over a short period of time from solar radiation.

our-moon-stabilizes-earth's path-revolving-orbiting-around-solar-systemThe moon stabilized the rotation of the earth. In the past, Earth would revolve over an 8 hour day where winds on the planet would gust to 500 mph. Today, our 24 hour day allows us to be comfortable even when winds rise during changing weather fronts.

Our thin atmosphere is just the right thickness (analogous to the peel on an apple) to enable water to exist in three states. We know these forms as liquid, gas (vapor) or solid (ice). In addition, our atmosphere contains just the right amounts of oxygen to maintain life. If oxygen content were much higher, it would cause an explosive environment. Too little amounts of oxygen and our bodies couldn’t maintain life without a spacesuit.

The way the Earth is tilted on its axis is 23.5 degrees. These allows for the different seasons. Since most of our land mass on the planet is in the Northern Hemisphere, this provides for survivable summers and winters.

The way our solar system is designed with the 8 planets gives us rotational stability. Without large planets like Jupiter, smaller planets (Mercury, Venus) on the innermost orbits would ultimately get ejected out of the solar system. This would destabilize the Earth, destroying all life.

milky-way-galaxy-where-our-solor-system-residesWhere we reside lies in the galaxy called the Milky Way. Our position within that galaxy protects us from supernova (stars) explosions. Our location within the Milky Way is safety zone that lowers our chances from getting rammed by other objects (stars, planets, asteroids, etc.) in the galaxy.

In 1.75 billion years, the Earth will dry up no longer be able to sustain life. With time, the sun will get larger and hotter, destroying our planet. Colonization of Mars may be our best chance to continue the survival of our species.

So upon arising in the morning, realize that every day of life on terra firma is a miracle. Never lose respect of that fact. If one of the seven above mentioned features changes, then tomorrow’s daily miracle of life on Earth may cease to exist.

This commercial from the BBC expresses how life’s love is spread throughout our habitat.



Photo credit: Foter / Public domain

Photo credit: Wyoming_Jackrabbit / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo credit: beckstei / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: Isaac Roberts (d. 1904) / Foter / Public Domain Mark 1.0






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