Have Diabetes? Lower Your Chances Of Amputation By Up To 85 Percent


Diabetes is the fastest growing disease in the United States. Out of control sugar levels are promoted by being overweight/obese, lack of exercise and aging.

Chronic consumption of low quality foods steal nutrients from our body. Processed foodstuffs are acted upon by the liver as toxic waste. They are like thieves within, antagonizing the good nutrition from healthy foods consumed during the day. Results are lowered immunity, increase risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Taking the current 26 million diabetics and adding in 79 million pre-diabetics will yield a future population where more than 30% of Americans will have this deadly disease.


Sugar has to be pushed into the cell,

or else the entire human organism goes to hell.

Glucose (sugar) provides all the energy the system requires,

To meet all your bodily needs and desires.

Insulin, having the chore,

of opening the cell door.

If this doesn’t work, sugar stays outside,

Then good health is cast aside.

Foods (carbohydrate, fat and protein) can be broken down to simple building blocks known as glucose (sugar). To enable the body to work correctly, glucose must enter each cell. If not, it builds up outside the cells, causing damage with ultimate permanent destruction.

Insulin is the key to open the door of cells to let sugar come in and play the energy game. It’s components bounce around inside, giving out power that allows us to continue living the miracle of life.

In diabetes, insulin is not either being produced or is defective and doesn’t work correctly. Therefore the door to the cells remain shut and sugar starts building up rapidly outside.

Since cells make up everything in our body, glucose can harm every single component of a human being. You name an organ or body part and each will be slowly destroyed insidiously by a sugar invasion.

When high glucose damages the nervous system, an individual loses the ability to feel when something is wrong.


For example, develop a problem on your foot, you feel it as a tender area and stop the activity. This sensation doesn’t occur in a diabetic. They don’t feel anything. Reason being, sugar has caused permanent nerve damage. Any compromising situations on any of the extremities usually go unnoticed. Something as simple as a pressure point, where a blister has developed on a toe may progress to infection, bacterial contamination and gangrene. Result is amputation of the affected area to prevent bacteria from spreading. If unsuccessful the dire consequences are death.

Examine Feet Daily

Diabetic Checklist

  • Inspect both feet, toes and hands daily.
  • Clip toenails professionally by a podiatrist.
  • Contact health care professional as soon as possible concerning any problem with extremities
  • Wash feet in up to lukewarm water. Dry throughly
  • Apply quality lotion if feet get cracks or dry out.
  • Wear shoes and socks outside.
  • Put on slippers and socks when inside.

These simple tips above, put into your daily routine, could limit your risk for amputation by up to 85%. One of the worst things that can happen to a diabetic for lowering quality life is an amputation.

Please, for your own good and those you love, examine yourself daily. Only minutes per day, will help in keeping you out of the statistical pool of diabetic amputations.

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