Senator Bernie Sanders Questions Whether We Should Be Giving Walmart Workers Subsidies

Our government is allowing businesses to pay below poverty wages to associates from WalMart, KFC, McDonald’s, etc. The minimum wage must be raised substantially to get US taxpayers out of paying unfairly for the responsibilities of Corporate America. Finally, someone in the senate (Mr. Bernie Sanders) had the guts to speak out about blatant corporate greed in January 2014.

Give them hell Bernie! They deserve every pierce of verbal torture you can throw at them.

Walmart with Sam’s Club employs one of the highest numbers of workers in the United States.

Giving people jobs is a great thing. Unfortunately we (middle class) and their associates have all become WalMart’s bitches. Enough is enough!

Please check out my article I wrote previously on WalMart. Link below:

Walmart Start Showing Your Associates Some Financial Respect!

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  1. Great info Rob!! Thanks for keeping us in touch-reality


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