Excessive Dietary Indulgences May Lead To Your Untimely Demise


That feeling of being overstuffed is so uncomfortable. After some lengthy gorging on an extensive buffet, it’s even hard to move. Renovating Your Mind calls this a Caligula-like food orgy. Some people leave this type of eating frenzy with their pants unbuttoned.

Fatty cells in the body also sense when they are about to explode from digesting massive quantities of food. When you have too much fat floating around, cells reject any more calories. Can’t poop them out or use them as energy, so fat must be stored somewhere in your system. That is when things go haywire.

Research has discovered that fat cells send out messages contained in round sacs called exosomes. These genetic instructions allow other cells in the body to become like vacuum cleaners sucking up these fatty globules. This situation increases the risk of chronic disease.

Our genetic material is similar to programming code used to create a normal piece of software like Windows 8 or MacOS (Macintosh Operating System). If someone sends you a dangerous virus, code is changed to produce a malicious product. It destroys the normal functioning of your computer. In fact, it could cause your machine to crash and die.

Programmed genes in the body allow cells to function normally. Exosomes contain the instructions that reprogram dysfunction into the genetic code’s genes. Fatty cell’s exosomes lead to inflammation, cancer, cardiovascular disorders (heart attack and stroke), autoimmune disease and diabetes.


Fat is abnormally diverted to cells in the brain, lungs, heart, intestines, liver, arm and the belly. When it finds itself in places it doesn’t belong, problems ensue, resulting in disease.

Your mind has become a storage area for fats. This may decrease the ability to process thoughts therefore interfering with memory.

The belly holds the most dangerous type of excess fat called visceral fatty tissue. This excess is most likely to lead to high amounts of inflammation increasing chances of heart attack and stroke.

Fat led to the liver by exosomes may result in diabetes and permanent liver damage. In the lungs, fatty deposits increase the chances of lung disease. In the intestinal tract, fat alters the type of normal bacteria living in the area. This may result in diabetes and other abnormalities throughout the body.

Fat loitering in places where it doesn’t belong, causes chronic problems that may cut down on both the quality and quantity of your life.

Rid yourself of this fat before it causes permanent damage by:

  • Changing your diet to one with higher quality components like fruits and vegetables
  • Losing weight by cutting down on caloric intake
  • Exercising or increasing your exercise routine
  • Making an appointment with a dietician for a complete dietary renovation
  • Increasing safe sexual activity

Excess fat calories must be stored by a body whose priority is to protect us in case of starvation. Millions of people, eating too much food, are forcing our genes to be reprogrammed by exosomes. These changes in genetic instructions on how the body handles fat, is causing increased morbidity and mortality throughout our population. If this continues, generations of children from here on will live shorter and more diseased lives than their parents.

Better to burn off calories by exercise positioning than burn-in calories by going on constant eating frenzies.



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  1. Great incentive to keep up my resolve to lose some weight! I’m taking you up on all your suggestions.

    Question: So we can alter genetic coding for our children when they are first conceived by how healthy or unhealthy we are at the time? When my son was conceived I was in great shape and so was his dad. My son has never been overweight. So, it makes sense…


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