Pink Slime Is Now Loving Called, “Lean Finely Textured Beef”, Are You Kidding? WTF Is Wrong With The USDA!


During the spring of ’14, Cargill as well as BPI and Tyson Foods will start marketing “pink slime” as lean finely tendered beef products. The European Union and the UK have banned these products from their countries.

In the US, meat (beef) can be labeled as 100% ground beef and still legally contain up to 15% “pink slime.” New semantics from Corporate America ok’ed by the USDA has allowed mislabeled meat to be legally called “pure beef.” Beef manufacturers say that it lowers the fat content of the meat. That would be true. This filler contains connective tissue, cartilage and tendons which is neither fat nor meat. Bottom line is to increase profits but continue to degrade food sources in the United States.

may-not-be-100-percent-ground-beef-but could contain-pink-slime-filler

Renovating Your Mind reasons that consumers will be completely in the dark about the contents of “pink slime” in these products. I’m sorry, it will be labeled as the prettier name of “lean finely tendered beef.”

We not getting what we think we are paying for with this product. Also, meat packaging companies are labeling a “contaminated” product as “pure”. Good job USDA!

Garbage byproducts of cattle that are decontaminated by ammonia and other substances. Why? Because they are loaded with potentially harmful bacteria that would lead to food poisoning. That is more of a problem in the young, those with compromised immune systems and the elderly.

Unless you would like to partake of certified organic meat, go vegetarian.

Our country is allowing corporate America free rein into destroying the health of the US. What is it going to take to force food producers to stop diluting real meat with turds. You could only polish a turd so much with ammonia or citric acid. It’s still only a turd, although a clean one.

Meaning that these companies get contaminated animal remains that should be non-consumable. They tidy up this garbage waste leaving some residual cleaning contamination from the disinfectant chemicals. This concoction gets added to the meat, increasing the weight and therefore the consumer price.

Industrial farms already abuse animals by keeping them closely confined during their growing period. In addition, these helpless creatures are dosed with antibiotics, steroids and other medications. Also inhumane butchering is conducted where fellow animals watch and hear death screams right in front of them. High stress levels due to witnessing their coming demise is left in what looks like a delicious cut of meat. Hidden within the meat from this freaked out animal is large amounts of cortisol. These steroids cause cell replication in humans. If the process becomes abnormal, this raises the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Corporate farms continue their destruction of health in our country with the approval of the political processes to say yea to further contamination of our foodstuffs.

The United States is ranked 39th in life expectancy compared to the rest of the world. We also have the seventh highest cancer rate versus the rest of the globe. US citizens have the most expensive heath care costs in the world per capita which averages $8,500 per year.

both-republican-and-democratic-parties-have-corporate-as-their-favored citizens-not-the-voters

Shortcomings in all of the statistics above are based on corporate greed with no consideration for the health of the American. The only priority with our political system and industrialized corporations is the constant acceleration of monetary stores. We, as consumers have the brakes available to stop this raunchy process. We vote every single day with our cash by not purchasing corporate contaminated processed crap.

It’s killing us America! Abusive corporate profits are lowering the quality and quantity of our very lives. We need to stop this bullshit! It needs to stop now!


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  1. Nicely exposed! I don’t think I can ever eat a hamburger again. Never thot about the cortisol effect….wow, eye opening as always. Sharing with friends.


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