Song Of the Sirens, Products Labeled As “Natural”. “Natural” Means What? Bonus: Tip Of The Day


Thousands of years ago, sailors were said to alter their course lured by the “Sirens.” Beautiful, naked damsels with voices that mesmerized the seamen into heading directly to shore. What sat in their way was a rocky reef that shipwrecked the boat, killing many aboard.

These men had been at sea for months. Being away from women, fresh food and proper hydration caused many types of dementia in the crew. Any type of creature out in the water could look like the most voluptuous babe. To see, is to believe, even though it may have been a sea-lion, whale or a dolphin. Sing me a song baby and daddy is coming ashore for a long night to keep you warm.

Today, mass marketing has replaced the “Sirens.” “Natural” shouts out at you from their pretty little packaging. This elicits a good feeling from the consumer. If the product reads “Natural”, it has to be good for you. Right?

When we are constantly hit with visual stimulation over and over again, it is made by marketing experts to look true. Read the labels carefully. Words on the front of products are there to attract your attention. Guess what?  Food manufacturers get away with exaggeration and blatant lies.


The FDA has no definition of “Natural.” Government doesn’t know how GMO (genetically modified) ingredients, added synthetic nutrients and other chemicals fit into this bastardization of food called “Natural.”


On food shelves at the market, check out granola, potato chips, ice cream, etc. and many other products labeled as “Natural.”

Currently the FDA was told Sept. ’13, to produce a future nutritional label that actually may tell the truth about the nutritional components of the product. Unfortunately, food lobbyists will prevent these changes as long as possible. It may take a decade or more to get this through legislation.

Many large companies like Pepsi Co, Campbell Soup and Kraft have been proactive in already taking “Natural” off their labels. They are substituting it for simple, nutritious and minimally processed. This causes more confusion in the consumer’s mind. Do these terms mean you are purchasing a healthy food? Again, read the labels to find out what’s really in the product.

Don’t let the food marketing damsels lure you into eating products that will lead to the destruction of the ship that carries you, the body. Damage is slow. You probably won’t notice the problem till the scale numbers rock your world. Those “Sirens” then become your own, carrying you into diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Remember that “Natural” is just a word. You and only you give it the true meaning by knowing the ingredients in the product. Treasure or trash?



When you purchase cheese, try to stay clear of the shredded varieties. This form of cheese contains a type of wood called cellulose powder. What it does is bulk up the product, giving it a longer shelf life. Any moisture in the packaging is absorbed by the finely ground wood. Here you are paying for 100% cheese and you are getting termite food thrown in as a preservative.

Bulk cheese is less expensive, better tasting and also has a long shelf life. Just Google how to best store your type of cheese.

With shredded cheese, more surface area is exposed, therefore taste degrades with time. The packaging is also more likely to become part of the cheese’s aroma and taste. That is not a good thing.

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4 replies

  1. Again… my place there are people who eat a lot of cheese…so this might help.



  2. You are completely right on when you said “read the labels carefully.” We can’t listen to the marketing hype, we must take ownership of our nutrition. Read those labels and learn what we are putting in our bodies. Usually the less ingredients listed, the better it is for you.


    • Hi Lisa.
      Thank you. Can’t say that simple fact enough. Some are not willing to take the time. It’s a priority over everything else. Simple products with small numbers of quality ingredients are the way to go. Great point.
      Appreciate you Lisa.


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