Renovating Your Mind Is Back With The Dirty Grease On Trans Fat.

Margarine was what food manufactures wanted us to believe was a healthier alternative to butter. Wrong! The only thing healthier was their bottom line.


Margarine became popular in the 1940’s during World War II. US was rationing butter, sending it abroad to the troops for quality nourishment. Little did we know that it was the start of the deluge of synthetically manufactured fats detrimental to our health.

In the 60’s, Americans started eating less butter to lower saturated fat intake. Research showed that reducing certain fats in the diet would lower risk of heart attacks. Margarine manufacturers advertised that their products were better considering they didn’t contain saturated fat.

Margarine actually causes more damage to blood vessels throughout the body than butter which increases the risk of heart disease.

Trans fatty acids in margarines and other convenience foods, flip a lever in the cell to increase production of gooey cholesterol. This fatty component adheres to the walls of arteries resulting in a blockage of oxygen causing damage and death.


Butter in moderation has no safer synthetic alternative.

After decades of ignoring the adverse health implications, the FDA now states that trans fat isn’t considered safe. Research has shown for over 2 decades that this type of fat is unsafe. Better late than never FDA.

In 2007, New York City banned these hazardous fats in restaurants. Mickey D’s took them off their menu the following year. Dr. Dean Ornish, popular health advocate from California stated that “trans fats increase the shelf life of foods but decrease the shelf life of humans.”

Manufacturers have used trans fats because they have long expiration dates, are cheap and maintain a consistent taste. Caring about our priceless bodies are not the government nor food manufacturers responsibility.

Frankly my dear consumer, manufacturers of margarine, convenience foods, fast foods and other chemically altered food stuffs don’t give a damn about your health. Their top priority is making the most profit they can in the shortest possible time.


What I See, Don’t Want On My Toast!!

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  1. So happy to hear from you! Can’t wait until your next article. Have sent you 5 emails, but no reply. Keep them coming.
    Rennee and Ray


  2. It is great to have you back Rob, we missed you!


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