Cooked Less Than Well Done, Your Meat May Harbor Something Scarier Than Your Mother-In-Law!

Read labels carefully when purchasing beef. You may have unknowingly placed in your cart:

Mechanically Tenderized Meat


Many stores are now running sharp devices into their meat products to soften them up for better eating. It is called “needling.”This brings what was once on the surface of the meat to its interior. Relocated to hiding inside that piece of beef are e-coli bacteria.These bugs may increase risk of food poisoning. Everything is dependent on the length of cooking time and temperature in the core of the meat. The rarer the steak, the higher the risks of serious infection.

There have been at least five or more groupings of food poisoning with e-coli in tenderized meat since ’03. Close to 200 individuals have gotten ill from e-coli meat poisoning with four fatalities. The highest risks are for those with weakened immunity systems (AIDS, cancer, transplants, etc.), the elderly, children and pregnant women.

Over 25% of meat-packing companies use a robotic mechanism to create melt in your mouth meat products. USDA (US Department of Agriculture) will require companies to label what meat was pierced by artificial means. No date has been set for this regulation.

Renovating Your Mind uncovered in an earlier article about meat packaging companies gluing meat together. This article resides on the link below:

Meat Glue, Is Not For You!

The reason for this process, as with meat glue, is the altered product commands a much higher price. Another example of society’s downfall based on profit motives. Consumers take on the health risk, pay a much higher price so companies can make a lot more money. Companies create the visual and savory illusion of a “better quality” piece of meat. This is not only untrue but potentially dangerous.

In September ’12, steaks that have been mechanically tenderized, sold by Costco in Canada, were associated with bacterial (e-coli) poisoning. Since then, the company is voluntarily informing the consumer which meats are tenderized per package labeling. Fillets and flanks steaks are not tenderized by mechanical means at Costco.

You can’t visibly see that the meat has been altered by needles. The incisions are small and hidden away from the naked eye.

Renovating Your Mind knows that Costco is a great company because they readily admit their errors and rectify them. They are one of the first companies to voluntarily disclose that certain meats have been machine altered. This is printed on the label of the product. Cook this protein with an inserted thermometer up to 160° F (71° C) degrees.

Since we are paying for the product, full disclosure must be given to the consumer. Yes, we should know if it’s GMO (genetically modified), mechanically tenderized or glued-together to resemble “food”.

Thoughts To Keep In Mind:

  • Beef, if it’s for dinner tonight, please read that package labeling at the market. Cook appropriately.
  • Selecting meat on a restaurant menu is risky if the preference is anything less than well-done.
  • Meat certified organic doesn’t guarantee that it hasn’t been mechanically altered.


The smart ones are the monkeys. They live off the grid and mainly eat vegetables, seeds, nuts and fruits. When they land some meat, the only mechanization is done with their teeth and digestive enzymes. They set a good example to follow for the homo sapiens. To your health kids. Live long and prosper.

Photo credit: Andreas-photography / Foter / CC BY-NC

Photo credit: Costco/Kirkland-Thank you.

Photo credit: ☻☺ / Foter / CC BY-SA

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