How Do You Feel About Your Meat Being Glued Together? Corporate Butchers Don’t Have To Disclose This Disgusting Practice!


Most of us, one time or another, have gone to large gatherings that served food during the occasion. The event may have been a 50th birthday, bar mitzvah, wedding anniversary, etc. Chances are included free with the meat was some glue, an adhesive enzyme.

bandage-for-your-meat-to hold-it-together-box-of-ninja-bandages

These enzymes are used to bandage meat remnants together. Did you ever wonder why the pieces of beef are all same uniform size when the plates hit the table. Corporate butchers actually mesh them together so they look like clones. It is done so well you don’t notice all the tiny pieces that make up your piece of steak. Taste is like what you are expecting so any difference is not recognized by your palate.

The sticky material is made of protein-like substance called transglutaminase. Some is made from blood plasma components that cause clotting in pigs and cattle. It can also be made from bacteria.

This glutenous material is mainly used for meals in restaurants, on cruise ships and for weddings.

Heat kills any disease-causing bacteria on the outside of the meat. With these glues, the beef under the glue may not reach the proper temperature to decontaminate the underlying surface. This risk is significantly increased when ordering a rare or medium-rare serving.

There have been links to food poisoning from consumption of steak. Since the diners never knew their meat was glued together, correlations about something that was invisible is very difficult to prove. This can also be done with fish, chicken and other meats.

Renovating Your Mind has discovered this video clip from Australia that shows how meat glue works seamlessly to trick our senses.

This short news feature from the US exposes what was found in Pennsylvania.

The solution to lowering risk of disease is to order the meat well done. Better yet, ask for a vegetarian platter.

Problems with Meat Glue:

  • Higher risk of bacterial contamination (possible hundreds of times higher) than with a solid piece of meat.
  • Charging premium prices for a steak pieced together with lower quality meat.
  • Public deception that is currently legal.

Protein glue practices need to be exposed to every consumer. Please spread the word. This is just one of the reasons why processed meats like cold cuts, hotdogs, sausage, etc. are so harmful. Stick with quality organic meats whenever possible. 

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  1. Yet another reason for going veg!


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