Need To Lighten My Load As I Study For An Exam To Rise To Another Level In My Career

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For the next 4-6 weeks, I will have my nose to the brimstone. Need to soak up mega pages of new material into my head for a fast approaching test.

Renovating Your Mind will not be publishing every day for now. Hopefully, every other day till this test is taken and successfully passed.

“Go west young man”, was the quote by a writer named Horace Greeley. He was speaking in the 1860’s about America’s expansion into the western states.

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North Carolina has been such a beautiful place to live for the last 4 years. The courtesy of the “true” locals, these gorgeous beaches and the relaxing environment has blown me away. I love this place. It’s a sin that in North Carolina jobs are so scarce.

Fortunately, our great country still has states that are progressive and growing with great environments for quality political change. Places where politicians are actually in touch with the problems that are going on with the middle class. People should make a difference, but not just because of their corporate status and connections.

Over 180,000 plus people in the state of NC lost unemployment solely because of the actions of our politicians. The ones that we unfortunately voted into office. Hopefully, Governor McCrory your plan will work to get this state of out debt by lowering tax rates on your corporate connections. You truly made some great sacrifices for everyone else. I applaud your guts but I don’t agree with your methods.

Good luck to you sir. I only wish you get what you desire. Hopefully that end result will finally benefit the middle class rather than only corporate America.

You can find more information about employment in NC at:

North Carolina Department of Commerce Division of Employment Security

middle-class-always-get-raw-end-doesn't-matter-what party

Renovating Your Mind did a previous article about current unemployment information in the state of NC. This currently is the only state where the federal government has stopped federal unemployment. Here is why:

Vaporization Of Middle Class America-Vote Out Incumbents

I want to thank everybody that visits my site. Please tell your family, friends and acquaintances. Word of mouth is the best way to get my articles out to more people. Appreciate all your effort and help.

Both Parties Economically Torture The Middle Class

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