The Secret Of Life Is Keeping The Miracle Going


Our pre-existence initiates the first page of our own story where miracles propel us into human reality. Millions of swimmers containing all the genetic information needed to create life are looking for a connection. An egg waits patiently, ready to accept the winner in the path for genetic sustainability. As the pages in the playbook of life advance, so does penetration of the egg by the sperm, rapid cell replication and development of the resulting fetus. Miracles continue, till we are propelled by a convulsive expulsion out into the bright exterior world.


Renovating Your Mind had night visions as a child that were so scary, I woke covered in sweat. The dream involved being inside a compartment of a train that was pitch dark. The rhythmic sound of the wheels going over the tracks as I was being shaken by the vibrations. The noise kept getting louder and faster. I finally realized it was the swooshing/click of a beating heart. Suddenly, a bright light appeared that lite up my entire body. My birth was being replayed. I started screaming ending my alternate reality. Did mental processes from my past resurface my actual delivery into my dream? Imagine using powerful visions like this to fuel our ambitions to a more fulfilling life.

people-carrying-people-to higher-levels-to live-the dream

The power of dreams show that the miracle of life in not limited to your internal environment. You can make significant change in this world by first being mentally passionate about what you love doing. What stimulates and fascinates you? What topic drives you to learn all you can about it? If you only had a year to live, what would you be happiest doing? Things that excite you can allow others around you to carry your ideas to higher levels.

Imagine looking forward to every day continuing your quest to finding a purpose more important than yourself. The challenge for creating innovative “art”. This “art” is not just a painting or sculpture but could be anything from aardvark botany to being a teacher of Zen Buddhism. Anything and everything that allows you the power to love what you do with the rest of your life.

What Doesn’t Matter In Your Search For A True Life Purpose:

  • Age
  • Duration of your current profession
  • What your family/friends say
  • Financial situation
  • Previous failure (gift that makes you stronger)

You cannot settle for what you have now if you don’t love doing it. The key to opening the door to an exciting future is your passion to create an “art” that excites your audience. Your dreams brought to reality will engage your tribe to follow their dreams. In effect, everyone becomes happier because of a synergistic effect we have on each other.

“If you dream it, you can achieve it.”









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  1. I like your baby picture. You were a cute son of a gun. Ray is almost done with the ceiling. It looks beautiful. He is no normally a painter, but I’m proud of his work. It looks very professional. Then, I go in for clean up.


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