Renovating Your Mind Finds You Must Follow Your Dreams

“The reality is, we spend a vast majority of our lives involved in work, and if that’s miserable, boy that’s a waste of a short life. If you do what you love, the odds are you will contribute to make this a better world.”

So finely said by a man named Herb Greenberg.

He is the founder of Caliper Corporation in West Windsor, NJ. Herb finds occupations for his candidates that are both right for them and the employer. In today’s world, that is a true miracle match-up.

Mr. Greenberg made a life out of pairing people with their “perfect job”. What is truly extraordinary was that he was able to see solutions in innovative ways. Even though, Herb was blind at the age of 10. The man lives and works “outside the box.”

As a result of a childhood illness, Mr. Greenberg began to lose his sight. His parents were going to send him off to a school for the blind. He told them, I will “break every window in the place” if you send me there. He was always very passionate about what he wanted out of life. He is always willing to be up front, step out from the crowd and make a difference in the life of others.

At the age of 85 years old he still works at his company. The big push right now at Caliper is star athletes that were unsuccessful turning pro after college. Mr. Greenberg’s words are “they have got to have something else in life they are also passionate about or life will be over at 22.” You got to love this guy!


Renovating Your Mind is writing this column today because I was terminated by Walgreens as a pharmacist. I was unable to give patient immunizations. They told me if you can’t inject, then you no longer have a position with us. I have a severe phobia to anything that pierces the skin. Walgreens said there were no excuses. I even went as far as writing the CEO, since he is a pharmacist. If anyone would understand, Mr. Gregory Wasson RPh, head of Walgreens, would help me. I never heard from him. My case was given to Human Resources in conjunction with Walgreens Legal Department. They canned me in 9/11. I ended up running a small community pharmacy till it was sold to Walgreens in 7/12. I have been out of any “paid” work gig since that time.

The phobia forced me out of a job, giving me a second chance for loving life while I practiced what I believed in, helping people. I am no longer working for just a paycheck. Making positive changes in your own life and that of others gives you such an incredible feeling. Personally, I have learned more in the last year writing these articles than I did working in pharmacy for the last decade.

Thank you to all my readers for patronizing this blog. I never could have gotten up to this point if it wasn’t for every one of you. I want to also thank Walgreens for firing me. It gave me a new perspective on corporate America. I want to also thank LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Yahoo, Google, Bing, Tumbler, StumbleUpon, Digg, Pinterest, Amazon and WordPress. Without all these services I would never have been able to reach all individuals who have given my blog more readers. Sending out a huge mahalo to all the ladies and gentlemen that make these services work for all of us on the net. I appreciate you so much. You are the future of the “New World” technology in America.

Search for whatever you love to do and go for it. No matter what it takes. You will make your future and that of others so much better going into tomorrow. Seize the moment starting with your first step on the path of your passion.


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Photo credit: EJP Photo / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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