Renovating Your Mind Shoots Off How The Power Of One Comes Together With The Power Of Many And Explodes!


Realize today, that whatever you do, the influence you exert is phenomenal. The feelings in your head are being felt by millions around you. When you go beyond the mental aura sparking off inside your body and you make a decisive choice, America changes into a more positive nation. All because of you! You are priceless!! You don’t hear that much from other countries that have even more massive populations like China and India. Their freedoms are so limited compared to ours.

Renovating Your Mind realizes that we have problems in this country. Anything run by humans are subject to error, abuse and just plain stupidity. But, “We the People” continue to learn and change for the better with time. We are getting wiser. The internet is bringing us closer, not only as a nation but as a worldwide society. Good thoughts and meaty information are passing throughout the population through WordPress blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other services. News on syndicated TV and cable are becoming meaningless as their biased information is laughed out by more and more people. “The Truth Is Out There” but we need to keep searching to filter out the garbage and propaganda.

There are close to 308 million people in the United States. We are forming a cohesive network of human beings who really want to make a positive difference. We want to expose everything in our society that continues to corrupt and dirty the waters that make us better than our primitive past.

India has about 1.1 billion and China about 1.3 billion. Imagine all of those minds working together as one for the betterment of the world society. Think about the neuronal power of brain storming on the order of 2.7 billion people coming together as one. Add in all the other countries and the Earth contains almost 7 billion people. The advances we can make throughout mankind if we could only learn to mind melt.


It is not as far-reaching as you think. Every single event of taking out cash, credit card, debit card and paying for anything is your vote for that product or service. If we think that the company is not treating their associates or us with respect, vote them out. Don’t patronize them and don’t spend anything in their stores. Veto their asses off the face of this country by not using them at all! They will go out of business leaving the field open for companies that want to make society better while still making money.

My practice as a nutritionist and pharmacist has enabled me to help people from all walks of life. I worked with street people in New York as well as the rich in New Jersey and Hawaii. I found that the more basic your life the more love you can offer to those around you. Tangible expensive goods are just a diversion to what really matters in this world. What matters most is each and every one of you being a unique and valuable contribution to our lives.

Spread the love. Spread the freedom. Continue to make a difference. I will continue my efforts to bring you information that will help to better our lives.

Happy Fourth of July America!


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  1. Rob,
    Intriguing would like to read the restvof this.


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