Renovating Your Mind Is Applying Protective Sunscreen From Inside Out. Foods That Will Help Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage.


The FPF (Food Protection Factor) are foods that enhance the protective effects of suntan lotion. Foods contain antioxidants that act to scavenge out any free radical elements that get into our body through sun irradiation of the skin. Those vibrant colors of produce are protective shields that function in various positions to seek and neutralize any potential pro-cancer invader.

You need to stay out of the sun most of the time.  On the opposite side of that double-edged sword we all need the sun to provide vitamin D. Sun puts our body into sync into a proper biological rhythm. It only take about 15-30 minutes of exposure depending on your skin color. Because of valuable sun time we feel tired at night and experience a refreshed awake mood in the morning. The sun rays put us into a positive mood. That involves hormonal interplay with that ball of fire’s ultraviolet/visible light.

The most sun protective food ingredients are olive oil, watermelon, tomatoes in any form (paste or sauce has the strongest effect), nuts (especially Brazil nuts), dark chocolate, salmon and all berries. They all hold different keys to protect different areas of the body from radiation. You need to also  include the vegetables,  especially green leafy ones. In addition, citrus fruits and teas are amazing in the unique antioxidants they offer to the body.


In addition to foods other protection include good quality sunglasses, hat and excellent sun protection lotions and products. Included is the link to an amazing site that is updated yearly with the best and safest sun protection products in the world.

Environmental Working Group Best Sun Protection Products 2013

So enjoy the sun but protect yourself. Me, I tend to love rainy days with severe thunderstorms. 🙂


Fireworks Of Nature Are The Most Magnificent!

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