Fungus Are Among Us When Renovating Your Mind Digs Into The Dirt With Mushrooms


Initiating the cooking scene by turning the heat level on the electric oven stove top to four. Next, comes the pouring of light green virgin olive oil into the pan. As it heats up, I throw in some cut up Vidalia onions and caramelize the mixture. Additions continue with fragrant minced garlic and then the sizzle, as I toss in the sliced crimini mushrooms. The kitchen aroma is over the top with the fragrance permeating throughout the house. The magic of “shrooms” added to any food is enough to cause flavor eruptions to course through your mouth. Delicious is an understatement! Wish there was a way that Renovating Your Mind could add a scratch and sniff sautéed mushroom scent here to our virtual world.


This wonderful food of the earth are actually the fruit of a fungal organism. They are the seeds needed to produce future generations of mushrooms.

Fungus is powerful medicine. There are many thousands of different types of mushrooms. Some that will kill, others that induce hallucinations and those like white and portabella that are just good eating. Many drugs which include antibiotics and cholesterol lowering chemicals have been discovered within this spore ridden kingdom.

Besides the popular white (button) mushrooms there are other favorite varieties such as crimini, portabella, enoki, oyster, maitake and shiitake.

Eating mushrooms is as effective as taking a vitamin D supplement, only a lot better tasting. Mushrooms that were put out in the sun contain high amounts of different types of vitamin D that are readily absorbed into our bodies. The study appears in an online journal called Dermato-Endocrinology from Boston University Medical Center (2013, April 22). It was titled, Mushrooms can provide as much vitamin D as supplements.

Other nutrients in the fungus are antioxidants, trace elements, proteins, minerals and fiber. They also contain beneficial bacteria, yeasts and molds that have immune enhancing effects. Some mushrooms will inhibit cancerous tumor growth in both breast and the prostate tissue. They have also been found to have a preventative effect for decreasing the risk of certain cancers.


One preparation of tiger milk mushroom with small particles of the trace mineral selenium exhibit a destructive effect on breast cancer cells. Currently being tested on animals. The study was done at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The summary of “Preparation of anti-tumor nanoparticles using tiger milk mushroom” found in Science Daily, 8/6/12.

Mushrooms have anti-inflammatory effects, anti-hypertensive properties and also the ability to decrease sugar levels in the body. They are an amazing magical food medicine. Dose yourself regularly for the healthiest results.

Photo credit: psyberartist / / CC BY

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