Renovating Your Mind Hands You The Cards To Promote A Healthier Lifestyle


Being conceived, born and living a long healthy life is nothing short of a miracle. Some people go through their years not really caring about what they put into their body.  It’s easier to consume anything you want and not worry about possible implications till you have a problem decades later.

Individuals hoping to prevent disease, lead a quality lifestyle with a wide variety of different foods. But eating right, having enough sleep, believing in a deity, being a good person, exercising daily and not stressing about the small things offers no guarantees on this world.

So why does it really matter? Every 24 hours is just another game of poker that you play with life.

The reason that food is so important is that it increases your chances at better odds. The mix of different types of foods yields the best protection we know to help ensure health. Nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, etc. are not only essential for life, but neutralize toxic pollutants in the body. Some of these, like environmental pollutants cannot always be avoided. Bad things such as low quality foods, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and other chemicals we purposely let loose into our cells for a multitude of reasons. These toxic substances must be safely broken down or else help lead the way to our early demise. The protective chemicals in foods prevent our body from being overwhelmed by the vices that are routine in many of our lives.


Everyone ultimately has to fold. This should be after the end of a long, high quality of living. When you lose your hand at life, you want to fall asleep into an amazing dream. One where you wake into a different reality where age, disease and taxes don’t matter anymore.

The majority of deaths in the United States are caused by excess consumption of foods high in sodium, fats and sugars. Our bodies cannot handle this type of abuse without barking back at us with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and cancers. Then we treat these illnesses with drugs instead of resolving the problem. These medicines create additional problems that are treated with even more medication. The quality of life may become a living hell.

“One ounce of prevention is really worth” more than “a pound of cure.” Reason being is that most medication is very primitive. We treat diseases with synthetic agents not really knowing the complete pathological picture. In addition, with many medications we still don’t know the long-term effects especially when we start combining multiple drugs together.

Life is one long highway. There are times during our lives when you run into disease roadblocks where you can make a u-turn and start all over again. Unfortunately, making unhealthy decisions over decades increases the chances for coming to terms with an unresolvable dead-end. Play it smart and increase your odds by slow, steady improvements in your lifestyle.

5 Ways To Help Promote A Healthier Lifestyle


1. Smile, even though you may be constipated. Frowns turned upside down are infectious.

2. Consume as much produce as possible. Different colors have different types of protection like different insurance policies cover different situations.

3. Nuts are essential. Their oils and minerals are a precious nutritional commodity.

4. Seeds are necessary. Chew them well for their fiber, protein and a sprinkling of valuable trace minerals and nutrients.


5. Berries, although part of produce, must be highlighted because they are so loaded with powerful antioxidants.

Life is what you make of it. Positively modify your health by participating in quality changes of food selection. What you haven’t tried before may turn out to be not only healthy but incredibly scrumptious.
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2 replies

  1. I appreciate your post!

    On thought, if I may:

    “We treat diseases with synthetic agents not really knowing the complete pathological picture. In addition, with many medications we still don’t know the long-term effects especially when we start combining multiple drugs together.”

    –Unfortunately I would say that we really do know the complete pathological picture (at least as a scientific community). Consumption of low quality nutrients on a regular basis coupled with a high-stress/low-recovery environment and lack of activity causes a myriad of cascading effects that we cover up and hide with rather sophisticated chemical compounds that hide symptoms rather than fix the problem. We approach 20th and 21st century issues like high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, and high blood pressure with the medical model of the 19th century where we learned to treat issues like infections with symptomatically. Unlike a staph infection which you would treat with antibiotics, I think the aforementioned issues are a problem of culture and everyday lifestyle practices rather than symptoms to be controlled.

    In conclusion, I would say that the heart of what you say is simple and practical. Simplicity and practicality is what we need. Not more sophisticated drugs/combinations of drugs.


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