Renovating Your Mind Proclaims Periodic Lunacy As The Best Medicine.


Spread the optimism and positivity in all the people you come in contact with during the day. Smiles breeds smiles. Laughter provokes more insanity. The Happsters is a great place to start. It’s a group that focus on spreading good feelings everywhere. They spread the joy and love forward into society. That is a great thing! Find out more about this worthy organization below:

Joining All The Other Happsters Worldwide

When I was a little younger, I was a real nut, to put it mildly. My practice consisted of chronically sick and terminal patients. I wanted to make them notice how good laughter felt again. At the start of the Halloween season, I felt a need to change my large portfolio picture in front of the pharmacy.


The boy from Renovating Your Mind  got a photographer (my dad unwilling that he was) to take some wild photos of me. Beforehand, I colored my hair with a rainbow of shades, spiked it up, put on coke-bottle thick glasses (worse than Jerry Lewis in the “Nutty Professor”) and crossed my eyes. My goal was to exchange some of my professionalism for out of control laughter from my patients.


What me worry.

It worked so well it brought in many new customers into the pharmacy department. Patients wanted to meet “the crazy one.” I developed relationships with people who would have never come into the pharmacy otherwise.

One patient that would eventually pass away right after Halloween, was laughing so much she had to sit down on our bench. Her crying was from being in complete hysterics about my picture. It was probably the last time she had that kind of positive emotion before she left our world.

The manager of professional services at first was very hesitant for something like this insanity to go on under his watch. When I showed him my portfolio pictures before they were proclaimed to the world, he could not stop laughing. I remember him saying that if I have the guts to hang up a photo like that he would back my efforts for more humor in the pharmacy.

My reputation stuck and I had to outdo myself for next Halloween. I’ll leave that story for another day. 🙂

Story ends by saying sometimes you just have to do something for the betterment of society even though it pokes fun at you. In my case, I enjoyed hearing others laugh. To get the very sick having a moment of total escape from their situation made me feel great. I was so happy that pure lunacy even for a brief moment could help them a lot more than any medication.


Even Calvin and Hobbs look better when you introduce pure insanity. Indulge in a brief moment of lunacy every now and then. It will help to carry a certain cherished moment into your life and the life of others.

Thank you to Worth for this enthusiastic picture of life Americana. Appreciate it guys.

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