Renovating Your Mind Brings Happiness To Another Dimension With “The Happsters”


Make It A Great Day, Every Day!!

“The Happsters” group is a synergistic platform of fun, excitement and the desire to make tomorrow even better than today.

Happsters spread positive karma to help direct us into a kinder world. Some people are so lost in stressed situations they don’t realize the priceless nature of what is right in front of their eyes. Random acts of kindness set wheels spinning, changing your perspective of the beauty of people working together. The awe of seeing a smile forming on a face is such a treasured moment. We need more and more of these moments. Kind notes, pictures and funny things is just a partial sum of the parts that make up a Happster spreading the joy of life.

Social researcher, Martin Seligman found a way to analysis happiness regarding external and internal situations. He found that voluntary actions in one’s life are related to 50% of our happiness. Money and the “things” it can purchase only came out giving us those warm fuzzies 10% of the time. The remainder is attributed to genetics. Renovating Your Mind thinks that voluntary actions are numerically underrepresented in this study. You can overcome your genetic phenotype by experiencing the positive particles that optimism generates from “Happsters” worldwide.


Did Someone Say Smile?

The study of nature versus nurture shows how we can play a role to control our own DNA. As an example, a rat that was totally loved at birth by the mother. Rodent love for a pup is expressed by bonding with licking and grooming. As a result of this undivided love and attention, the pup learns tasks quicker, is happier and has a higher stress tolerance. In addition, she is a more curious animal, lives longer and also makes an excellent mother to her pack.

In humans, similar positive changes alter the front part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex. A positive environment enables a behavioral stamping to occur on the genetic expression of both babies and children. The apple never falls far from the tree now starts making a lot more sense.


Pass It Forward

Happiness can increase your chances of living a longer life. It causes the domino effect of spreading love throughout the globe. It’s not only worth the effort but it’s fun too. When you spread happiness you fill with even more happiness.

There are areas around the world called the “Blue Zones”. All these different cultures have a commonality that results in the longest lived populations on the face of the earth. One of these positive attributes is their interactions with other people. They have great relationships that continue throughout their life. For the vast majority, a high quality of living is experienced till the end where many pass in their sleep. Think about that.

GNH stands for Gross National Happiness. It measures a country’s quality of life. The United States does not rank in the top 10 but “The Happsters” are going to bring this country and other countries up, up and away in the ratings. To accomplish that feat, we need your help. So please join us.

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