Food Shopping To Renovate Your Mind To Better Quality Nutrition.


Grocery shopping is a science. Grocery store chains practice psychology of food placement to lead you to purchase a product that you may not even need in your home. That is why you have to follow a shopping list to focus yourself.


Frozen fruit will save you money on “fresh fruit”. Much of the produce is shipped to the supermarket from locations far from your store. That means it is picked way before its time and chilled for hibernation on its way to you. Frozen produce is picked at optimal ripeness and then immediately chilled down at nutritional perfection. You are getting higher amounts of nutrients, better quality and a sweeter taste, all for a lower price. I usually wait till the end of my shopping trip to journey to the frozen section. This way it makes it home still chilled to the bone.


If you can, go to a local farmer’s market and buy as many local berries are you can get to freeze for winter months. This would be an even cheaper, sweeter and better alternative to that frozen fruit in your market. So you can support local, save money and get better quality.

Renovating Your Mind thinks that bread is something that almost everyone craves for those complex carbohydrates.  Plain bagels here are $1 apiece which I think is insane but if you want the product, you pay the price. Most times even when they say whole wheat the actual ingredient is just white wheat flour. You can tell because the whole grain bagel is a much heavier. Diabetics when monitoring blood sugar will notice that white wheat flour will bring their levels up faster and higher than true whole grain products. It takes longer for the body to break down the whole grain therefore sugar levels go up slower.


Purchase artisan bread from either the market or a good bakery. If it goes on sale, double or triple your purchase to save the cash. You can easily freeze what you are not going to use for the week. Wrap it well so it doesn’t experience freezer-burn. The commercial breads leave a lot to be desired containing all those chemicals and fake fibers. Buyers beware and read those bread labels very carefully.

A bread that I recommend found in the frozen section is by a company called Food For Life with their Ezekiel breads. The ingredients and the quality of the product is high-end. It may be a little pricey but worth those extra pennies. If any of the products go on sale, stock up for the greatest savings. Ezekiel breads are on this website detailing their products:

Food For Life Products


Of course, you can go online and look up recipes for whole grain breads.Get out that bread maker. You remember, the one that has been sitting gathering dust for years. It will save you loads of cash. The family will end up with fresh healthy grains that make the kitchen smell amazing. Your family will be begging for more homemade bread. Check out Food Network breads with the five-star ratings. They are intermingled with other bread-like recipes so you may have to page through a bit.

Bread Recipes 5 Star Ratings


Tips For Food Shopping And Staying Sane:

  • Don’t go shopping hungry. At this point in your day you will end up rationalizing whatever makes you salivate.
  • Have a list. Get those coupons ready for your food market adventure.
  • Remember, wait till right before checkout to pick out your frozen fruit and vegetables.
  • Hit the fresh produce only if you couldn’t find it among the frozen stuff.

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