Triple-Washed Salad Greens-Is This Food Really Safe?

Plastic boxed salads are expensive. Their labeled use of multiple washing don’t always take off enough to be “clean.” Purchase Farmer’s Market greens unwashed. Clean them at home. Help the local economy.

Consumer Reports published a study in March ’10 showing 39% bacterial contamination of prepackaged washed greens. The costs of these products are almost $1 an ounce. Then you get the chance 4 times out every 10, yours will include poop bacteria.


Renovating Your Mind (RYM) went out and bought this organic Arugula Blend by Organic Earth Greens. You receive 5 oz for $3.99 (about 80 cents per oz). In addition to arugula, the label said it contained both friseé and radicchio. When RYM went and counted there were only 6 radicchio and 3 friseé greens in the container. Isn’t a blend equal parts of all three greens?

Can you see any radicchio or friseé leaves when I rendered these greens naked?



Here are the steps to follow when buying bulk locally:

  • Purchase greens from your Farmer’s Market.
  • Keep area of the kitchen clear of cross-contamination like meats.
  • Scrub your hands.
  • Wash only what you will use. Refrigerate remainder.
  • Drop greens in a sink or bowl of clean water. Dirt and grit will sink to the bottom.
  • Next, place in a colander and spray or wash again.
  • Use a salad spinner or paper towel to get rid of any excess water.

You will end up with a less expensive, safer and more environmentally friendly greens. Making salad is a fun process. Include the kids or your significant other to help cut down on your prep time.


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